Herman Derache

Flanders' Make officially got going on 20 October. Companies in the manufacturing industry now have their own strategic research centre that combines and expands the resources and knowledge of FMTC, Flanders' DRIVE and the laboratories of the five Flemish universities. This initiative can support these companies by way of supporting pre-market surveys in order to reinforce their international competitive position. This is being done at the initiative of Agoria with the support from Sirris.

Walter Auwers

SmartFactory is a demonstration and research platform, unique in Europe, for manufacturing short lines in a smart and digitised context. Using this demonstrator, innovative information and communication technologies and their applications can be developed and tested in a realistic industrial production environment.

Krist Mielnik

On 15 October Etalon demonstrated what precision in production entails. It showed what measuring apparatus can do for machine tools and 3D coordinate measuring machines.

Jan Geeraert

On 3 December Made Different will for the first time organise an award for companies that are well on the way to becoming a factory of the future as a reward for the results of their efforts. Come to this event on the 3rd of December and be inspired!

Mark Van Pee

Many companies say they 'have a good ERP package' and 'plan production', but is that really the case? Sirris is starting an intensive campaign in Flanders to support SMEs with a wide range of production planning and to bring them up to the required level.

Andries Reymer

By combining 3D printing with existing production technologies it is possible to print 3D structures directly onto different materials such as textiles. Sirris, Centexbel and UGent have started a new project for examining the potential and taking it a step further. Would you like to know more about 3D printing and the opportunities it offers to the textile and plastics sectors? Come along to the kick-off meeting on 15 October!

Walter Auwers
Fabienne Windels

On Sunday 5 October, two of the Sirris locations took part in the Open Company Day and introduced themselves and also new machinery to the general public. It turned out better than expected.... There was a big turnout at both Diepenbeek and Seraing. Clear evidence that there’s substantial interest in the factory of the future!

Bas Rottier

Recent developments in electronics platforms, such as Single Board Computers, do not require detailed knowledge in this area, which means that the entrance barrier is lower, and that the many advantages are also within reach for companies with limited R&D capacity. Together with Innovatiecentrum Limburg, Sirris is organising a breakfast session which will present the possibilities offered by these technologies, based on working examples.

Laurent Voets

A new guidance service has been launched, offering Walloon companies support with additive manufacturing and welded assemblies and with the associated technologies, such as simulation resources and control and characterisation tools.

Ine Truijen

Easy-clean coatings make surfaces more maintenance friendly, but can also add additional properties. During the first roadshow of the Smart Coating Application Lab Frans Audenaert, Division Scientist and Team Leader of the R&D group for Functional Coatings at 3M will present an overview of coatings from two important fields of research.