Heidi Van den Rul

For five years now Sirris has been busy working with wet coatings and during this period has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience. The technology is of great interest to many companies, therefore it was essential to create an appropriate infrastructure. This is now ready and the festive opening is on 12 April!

Bojan Spasic

Confidentiality and integrity of data is paramount to applications that are hosted in the cloud and to applications that interact with other cloud services. The SeCloud project investigates a security-first and holistic approach to engineering of cloud-based applications.

Peter ten Haaf

At the Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Werkzeugmaschinen (IFW) in Hannover a method for teachless process monitoring was developed, which offers robust and reliable monitoring for production starting with the first manufactured item.

Markus Kaufmann

Composites have been used in the railway industry since the seventies, but mainly for parts like seat supports, decorative elements and reservoirs. What about the potential of these materials for structural elements?

Stijn Lambrechts

RapidPro 2016 takes place in Veldhoven in the Netherlands between 1 and 3 March. The entire chain from design to manufacturing will be represented. Leading organisations and speakers will be presenting the latest innovations from their specialist areas. Sirris also has a stand and will be giving two lectures.

Peter ten Haaf

A new range of high-performance roughing and milling cutters for aluminium-processing industries helps to reduce scrap and minimise machining times.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

Researchers of the Dutch Delft University of Technology have performed R&D icing and low temperatures tests on a new de-icing technique in OWI-Lab’s climate chamber. These tests will help them to further develop a de-icing technique based on ns-DBD plasma actuators.

Hilde Krikor

Researchers have developed a self-healing polymer material for repairing potentially fatal holes in spacecraft.

Peter ten Haaf

‘Tangent plane machining’ is a new milling strategy, developed by OPEN MIND. This machining strategy uses conical barrel tools, having an extreme large radius, that allows larger path distances for the same theoretical scallop height. The main advantages are time savings of up to 90 per cent, a better surface quality level and a longer tool life.

Olivier Malek

L&D Jet Techniek based in Diest in Belgium, specialises in water jet cutting and is the first company in Benelux to acquire a hybrid water jet and milling machine. For some time now water jet cutting has been recognised as a good technology for cutting large components at high speed and with an excellent quality of finish. It can be used on materials difficult to process, such as titanium and carbon and glass fibre composites.