Bart Verlinden

From independent distributor of building climatization parts to developer of own innovative solutions with a refreshing approach to production, quality control, logistics and sales. A drastic, successful turnaround together with Sirris.

Hilde Krikor
Luc Coppers

How can you, as a plastics converter, distinguish yourself from other converters? One possibility is to make your products smart by providing them with extra functionalities. The advantages are numerous, the modification possibilities are almost endless, and we will show you that in detail during the workshop “Plastics: Smart Interconnected, the way to go forward”.

Mathias Verbeke

Feature engineering is the process of extracting and selecting relevant, informative and distinguishing characteristics from your data, which can subsequently be used as input for a machine learning algorithm. As the quality of your features largely influences the quality of the results, feature engineering is one of the keys to success in successfully applying machine learning. While it is typically a creative and work-intensive process, understanding the methodology, tricks of the trade and common pitfalls can help you go a long way.

Fabienne Windels

The European Patents Office (EPO) and the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) recently published their second European study on the impact of intellectual property rights (IPR) on the European economy in terms of GDP, employment, salaries and external trade.

Fabienne Windels

You can save both time and money by conducting an early check to see whether a similar trademark to yours has already been registered. Sirris can show you how to use the TMview database to locate the necessary information.

Peter ten Haaf

The 2016 Precision Fair was held in Veldhoven in the Netherlands on 16 and 17 November. The Sirris precision department participated in the event and drew up a report that focuses on measuring throughout the production process.

Filiep Vincent

Using Cobots... where do you start? This was the approach taken at our hands-on workshop in Diepenbeek on 10 November. During the theoretical and practical sessions the participants learned step-by-step how to deploy a collaborative robot on the shop floor.

Pieter Jan Jordaens
Peter Paulissen

That drones can also be useful in companies has been proven by tank storage company Vopak and Think 3D - experts in 3D scanning. These companies used drones in industrial applications such as inspecting gas storage tanks and scanning industrial installations. And these aren't the only sectors where drones have great potential. In the field of renewables, such as onshore and offshore wind energy, the interest in using drones and UAVs is growing too.

Carl Emmerechts

To control your oil consumption, simply screw the small Full Up gauge onto the tank then download the appropriate application and save the tank measurements on your smartphone. Sirris contributed towards the device's development.

Fabienne Windels

Statistics indicate an important increase in patent applications across the globe for 2015 (2.9 million) under the impetus of China. Other intellectual property rights continue to enjoy increased success.