Bas Rottier

Discover all the possibilities for making your plastic products thermally or electrically conductive at the Flanders' PlasticVision market day.

Fabienne Windels

Google has launched a new version of its patent search tool so that it is now possible to search for and work with scientific literature with the same CPC classification.

Fabienne Windels

High-speed 3D scanning methods can read microstructured codes on product surfaces.

Hilde Krikor
Thomas Vandenhaute

It has recently been proven that a successful sustainable business strategy can go far beyond just product and production, and that partners as well are involved: from reclaimed shoes to applying your own standards to distributors. Adidas, the German manufacturer of sporting goods, entered into a partnership with Parley for the Oceans and showcased the first innovative footwear created from this collaboration.

Nick Boucart
Mathias Verbeke

The Tour de France is in full swing. This year sees the introduction of sensors for all riders, so that their position in the bunch and their individual speeds can be tracked in real time. Dimension Data launched an app on Sunday July 12th that allows end-users/cycling fans to track everything.

Ilse Evenepoel

BMT Aerospace and AET have set up a new joint venture called AMT Titastar for selling new products and services to the aerospace industry. AMT Titastar uses the BMT Group's know-how in the manufacturing of high quality hard metal components and combines this with the latest products from AET in which the advantages of titanium 3D printing are used.

Filiep Vincent

Four large and diverse trends are having a sizeable effect on the robots industry, according to The Robot Report.

Benjamin Vandeputte

From September 2015 a number of training courses organised by the Belgian Welding Institute (BIL) will be starting up again. Registration is now open.

Fabienne Windels

On September 18 Sirris will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of moving to Seraing. It is therefore an ideal time in the company of Walloon minister Jean-Claude Marcourt to give our vision of the future, and based on significant examples, to demonstrate the impact our evolution has had on companies.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Observing legislation is essential. Keeping up-to-date with new regulations is a continual challenge. We can look forward to significant and crucial policies being created over the coming years. It is expected that new and stricter regulations will be introduced. What will the impact be on your company, its processes, infrastructure and the products manufactured?