Thomas Vandenhaute
circulaire economie

A ‘factory of the future’ is circular. Whatever the motives are - reducing material costs, anticipating new laws, responding to changing customer demands, reducing the ecological footprint - in the long term companies will definitely move towards more circular business models. The learning network Circular Economy Connect is here to help you out.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

Is your business involved in the offshore energy industry or do you want to discover the options of developing innovative products and services for your company? The New Innovative Business network (IBN) for offshore energy will provide the support you need to develop your offshore wind, wave and tidal power innovation project. Sirris takes the lead.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

The IEA Wind Task 19 expert group has recently published two cold climate wind energy reports, which are now available for free.

Fabienne Windels
Frank Van den Broek

The Sirris Patent Cell is the contact point where tech companies can obtain information, advice and services in the field of intellectual property.

Bart Teerlinck

It goes without saying that as a manufacturer, importer or distributor you have to fully understand the implications connected with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU. Application of this Directive is not always obvious in practice when used with the harmonised EN 13445 standard for guidance. Therefore for a number of years now Sirris has offered training courses, which since recently can be customised to suit your company’s requirements. Here’s a brief explanation of the possibilities available by way of an interesting case study.

Bojan Spasic

During the third SeCloud Brokerage Event on data security, which takes place on 29 March, XAOP will present a holistic approach to security monitoring in the cloud.

Fabienne Windels
Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) has launched CC Search in Beta, a tool searching open access content.

Pierre Dagnely

With the development of the Internet of Things and big data, increasingly more data is being collected in more domains. Therefore, over the years, more and more methods to extract useful information from this data have been developed. Some of the most successful methods belong to the pattern mining topic.

Bart Verlinden

Flexible production automation using cobots for example is no hype - it’s necessary. Nonetheless, successful implementation is not that straightforward. We’ve extended our support facilities and know-how for this type of automation at our application labs in Kortrijk and Diepenbeek. Why not start using them now!

Stijn Lambrechts
3D printing

Are you itching to do something with 3D printing and looking for ideas or partners? Do you want to implement a new business idea and are you wondering how your product can be manufactured? Sirris recently launched a service aimed at start-ups wanting success with these innovative technologies.