Nick Boucart

Being paid for your products and services is probably one of the most rewarding things you’ll experience as a SaaS entrepreneur. It means you are building something that customers value so much that they are willing to hand over some of their hard earned money to you. Are you ready to receive this money?

Guy Claus

It has emerged from a recent survey that corrosion and protection against corrosion are important issues for many organisations and building companies. Therefore Sirris, BIL and VOM have organised an afternoon workshop titled, ‘Protecting steel structures against corrosion’, which takes place on 26 October. Powder coating specialist HaTwee’s contribution goes deeper into how you can achieve long-term protection.

Bojan Spasic

The new rules imposed by the recently adopted EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are about to significantly impact the cloud industry, whether in the EU or further abroad. From May 2018, any organisation or company that collects, uses or shares personal information about European citizens/customers will have to demonstrate compliance with this legal instrument.

Joey Bosmans

Thanks to artificial weathering tests, coatings can be tested more quickly and efficiently for durability and improved. They allow the durability of coatings to be estimated in a shorter time than when tested outdoors. As a result, coatings can be improved faster and effectively.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

By testing prototypes of different versions in the climate chamber, global player in the wind industry, CG Power Systems, can bring new models to market more quickly, safe in the knowledge that they will perform in extreme conditions.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

Just before summer, XANT - a Belgian company producing mid-sized wind turbines - performed low temperature tests on its XANT M-21, a 100 kW machine, to ensure safe and reliable operations in areas where temperature can drop as low as -40 °C.

Filiep Vincent

The possibilities with cobots are endless, but where do you start in practice? In the course of a hands-on workshop on collaborative robots (cobots), Sirris advisers will guide the participants through the first steps of a practical assignment. (language = Dutch).

Marie-France Rousseau

On 29 September Flanders Make will present the results of no less than six of its research projects in the application areas vehicles, machines and factories.

Michèle Gasparini

Usage of (eco)toxicological data for bridging data gaps between and grouping of nanoforms of the same substance. Part II: Justifying grouping and the implementation of cross references for nanomaterials.

Peter ten Haaf

Hardening is an essential but onerous step in the manufacture of precision components for switches. The traditional process takes a long time and entails precision risks. Laser hardening eliminates both of these problems. Niko is introducing it in its production process.