Marie-France Rousseau

2014 comes to an end, and at Sirris we close the books to trade the old for the new. No updates during the next 2 weeks. From 5 January on we are back with innovative news from and for the technology sectors.

Tom Jacobs

Workholding sometimes requires creative solutions. The American company PGM has developed a way to clamp thin-walled and other bendable products without distorting them.

Thomas Vandenhaute

The number of developments for clearing the oceans of plastic waste is growing. As is the number of applications for the material that gets fished out. While at the same time, durable, reusable products with biodegradable components are increasingly finding their way onto the market. Some inspiring examples.

Guy Claus
Tom Jacobs

The Flemish manufacturing sector needs a new incentive for dealing with current trends and challenges. In order to achieve this goal, Sirris and the Belgian Welding Institute (BIL) want to start a new project specifically for helping companies in the metal construction sector to overcome obstacles that seem to be blocking the path to innovation.

Thomas Vandenhaute

So you think you have designed the best performing, most efficient, longest lasting and most desirable luminaire in the world, but once left to fend for itself in the consumer jungle, who knows what will happen! More than likely it will never realise its true potential in all these areas.

Tom Jacobs

If you want a milling, turning or grinding product - or a whole range of them - you logically look for the most suitable machine. Geometry, dimensions, tolerances, ... play a role in this. The Swiss company Suhner, however, has a different approach to this problem.

Tom Jacobs

It is very important to prevent tool vibrations and unstable processes when machining complex products. These phenomena produce poor product finishes and heavy loads on tools resulting in rapid wear. For these reasons Sirris joined a European research project for controlling the process in a more integrated way.

Jan Kempeneers

Purchases made by consumers over the internet are on the rise. Internet store Amazon is responding to this trend and supports its personnel in servicing their growing customer base by deploying robots in its US warehouses. They work at superhuman speed in synergy with the warehouse personnel.

Stefan Milis

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) represents almost a third of the total lifetime costs of an offshore wind farm. The market keeps growing with the number of wind farms. On 17 December, the consortium partners of Optiwind and their event partners OWI-Lab and Gen4Wave will be holding their open project meeting. The focus will be on real life experiences in O&M.

Omar Mohout

Bloovi, the platform for the players in the digital world, is organising an international top event on March 10, 2015: WebTomorrow. Twenty national and international speakers will go to Ghent to share their vision of pioneering digital trends, new web technologies, (web) entrepreneurship and digital culture. Both start-ups and the old guard are on the agenda. Omar Mohout, Growth Engineer at Sirris, will also be giving a lecture.