Walter Auwers

On 2 February 2017 the Factory of the Future Awards will be taking place for the third time. The Wild Gallery in Brussels has been chosen as the most suitable venue for this unique event. Once again a number of companies will be rewarded with the Factories of the Future label. Will you be there too?

Marc Bollen
Pieter Beyl

Increasing demand for more extensive product ranges, more product variants and faster delivery times have led to greater diversity in both hardware and software. The challenge here is to design product testing equipment that can efficiently and effectively test end-of-line products automatically, and then link the test results to the actual products.

Nick Boucart

As the number of customers of your SaaS business grows, so does the complexity of billing them. There are numerous solutions to help you solve your billing and payment challenges. Let's have a look at them.

Omar Mohout

The first thing to understand about the European tech scene is that there is no European tech scene. The 'European' scene is a collection of startup hubs that have sprung up in the capitals of European countries and that are more or less isolated - most have very limited interaction with other startup hubs.

Peter ten Haaf

To be able to efficiently restructure and streamline its costs, Tenneco, Sint-Truiden based manufacturer of shock absorbers, joined the Made Different Programme, which seeks to transform manufacturing businesses into Factories of the Future.

Marc Bollen
Pascal Pollet

How can I deliver new products on time, on budget and within scope? Product development is a complex process involving numerous mutually-influencing factors making it difficult to separate the symptoms and causes of the problems from each other. Sirris wants to bring companies together to discuss such problems and share best practices. You can also take part!

Pieter Jan Jordaens

In the first half year of 2016, a climatic test program was conducted on a Siemens 15 MVA transformer in OWI-Lab’s large climatic test chamber.

Nick Boucart
Bojan Spasic

How to develop, deploy and operate an API as a product? In this first post in a series of blog posts we will discuss the goals we want to achieve with the proposed development and production setup.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Thanks to the Baby Bottle Reborn project, disposable baby feeding bottles are being sorted and recycled into new raw materials instead of ending up as residual waste. Sirris also took part in this project, which is now, due to its success, being extended to other hospitals.

Fabienne Windels

The Belgian Intellectual Property Office (IPO) informs us about the new rules regarding the validation of European patents in Belgium.