Patrick Cosemans

In addition to applying protective coatings with wet techniques, there are a number of dry methods for applying a coating. Patrick Cosemans of the Smart Coating Application Lab will discuss their potential during the second roadshow, which starts on 12 February.

Tania Drissen

Collaboration between two companies in the port of Ghent will result in considerably lower energy consumption and C02 emissions. We will be seeing more and more of this kind of collaboration, with numerous additional benefits for participants. A new European project aims to support this type of initiative and is on the lookout for interested companies.

Jan Kempeneers

Economically viable production in the present economic climate and with the high labour costs in Belgium is a challenge for many metal processing companies. On March 3rd you will learn how it can be done differently during the event ‘Profitable Metal Processing using New Technology’ (Rendabel Metaalbewerken via Nieuwe Technologie), which is organised by Sirris and Agoria.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Even efficient lighting technologies, such as LEDs, struggle with environmental problems. To support the design, production and diffusion of highly efficient LED products, the cycLED project has analysed the barriers to such ecoinnovations and suggested solutions to overcome them. This has been achieved by means of interviews with key stakeholders of the LED sector.

Fabienne Windels

To facilitate patent information searches, the Offices have introduced a new subclass which covers additive manufacturing separate from the process or material used.

Tom Tourwé

The ANSYMO (University of Antwerp) and SOFT (University of Brussels) research groups are investigating ways to reduce the tension between reliability and agility in software. They will organise an open tool demonstration event on 24 February, to demonstrate all change-centric quality assurance tools developed by the Cha-Q consortium.

Walter Lauwerens

How can a coating protect your product? There are several options... In its second roadshow, the Smart Coating Application Laboratory introduces you to various surface treatments and coatings, including corrosion resistant coatings applied using galvanic and chemical processes. The roadshow starts on 12 February.

Thomas Vandenhaute

LED street lighting is gaining popularity. Around the world, more and more cities are switching over or getting ready to do so. The systems they have chosen are not only LED-based but also intelligent. The aim of this is to improve both the traffic safety in the area and the general well-being of the population while at the same time cutting power consumption.

Stijn Lambrechts
Andries Reymer

Between 3 and 5 March, RapidPro, the trade fair for additive manufacturing, will celebrate its fifth edition. Leading organisations and speakers will be there to present the latest innovations in the field. Sirris also has its own stand and will give two presentations.

Walter Auwers

The dental implants specialist DENTSPLY Implants is to buy technology from Renishaw, a supplier of engineering technology, to develop and manufacture dental products. Renishaw will therefore cease its own development of Laser Bridge™ implant-supported structures and move to DENTSPLY Implants.