Olivier Malek

A new route to prevent icing on structures? Discover how modified surface textures offer a solution.

Pieter Beyl

New energy-autonomous detectors make cost-effective production machine monitoring a real possibility.

Olivier Gramaccia

Sirris is co-organising the conference on industrial laser processing to be held 28-29 June 2016 at "Château de Colonster" in Liège.

Olivier Malek

The 7th High Performance Cutting Conference will be taking place in Chemnitz in Germany between 31 May and 2 June. This is a top event covering both current and future cutting technologies and the industry. Sirris is also actively involved with a number of its own innovations.

Jacky Lecomte

Give your opinion and help Europe to undertake effective action to enable the roll out of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in our businesses.

Rik Belien

After the Industrial Revolution and the Internet Revolution, today’s industry is on the verge of a new wave of innovation: the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT. Pushing the boundaries of machines, this shift promises to increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility. But it also poses challenges. The 3IF & Agoria conference, a joint initiative of Sirris, LSEC & Agoria explains how to tackle them.

Peter ten Haaf

Thanks to precision manufacturing, manufacturing companies can make all the difference with top products. Although there are a number of challenges regarding machinery, tools and processes. In six free white papers we uncover an equal number of opportunities for precision production. Part four goes into functionality as a result of surface engineering.

Ilse Evenepoel

3D printing is certainly on the up, also in the metal industry. Although the technology was initially only suitable for small production series, it has gradually become a valuable mass production process. Hyproline could be another step in this direction.

Heidi Van den Rul

Sirris presented to the public its brand new infrastructure for smart coating on 12 April: the Smart Coating Application Laboratory in Diepenbeek now disposes of a spray booth with a teach-by-demonstration robot. Laboratory experts gave the 150 visitors live demonstrations of the various robot functionalities.

Pascal Pollet

From 12 to 16 September, the EU-Japan Centre is organizing once again an intensive five-day course for European executives having knowledge of World Class Manufacturing. The programme consists of various lectures and a visit to several leading Japanese companies.