Omar Mohout

Sirris, and DataScouts launched an online version of the start-up infographic. The start-up and scale-up database is now available via an online platform that provides clarification, explanations and inspiration for the sectors involved as well as the outside world.

Ilse Evenepoel

The first edition of the 3D Printing Conference took place in Tampere, Finland, on 28 and 29 October. Sirris was also there as a reference centre on a European level, providing a presentation on the process chain for metal additive manufacturing.

Mathias Verbeke

The EluciDATA project aims to stimulate data innovation (i.e. innovation by focused data exploitation) in industry. On 10 December, the project partners will organise a Tech Brokerage event to offer a platform for technology providers to demonstrate their data solutions to problem (data) owners. The keynote speech titled 'Accelerating Insight through Visual Analytics' will be held by Bart Adams (Luciad).

Walter Auwers

If the Belgian manufacturing industry is close to your heart and you are intrigued by the approach adopted by its leading lights, then be sure not to miss the presentation ceremony for the second ‘Factory of the Future Awards’ in Antwerp on Thursday 4 February 2016.

Pascal Pollet

In order to more easily absorb large fluctuations in production while simultaneously improving the working relationship between the production and sales departments, West Flanders-based IRBF decided that a thorough approach was needed. QRM, lean and Toyota Kata were introduced in production and administration.

Stefan Milis

The Optiwind SBO project consortium partners and their event partner OWI-Lab are holding an open meeting on 2 December about offshore wind. The gathering is being held at Siemens PLM Software in Haasrode. Six different items are up for discussion.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Technology can be deployed to make lighting more energy-efficient and have longer life-spans. These are essential elements for reducing the environmental impact. Though much more is still possible. Lighting can also contribute to a more sustainable living environment, being an interesting strategic consideration for lighting manufacturers. Eco-innovation with materials for (LED) lighting is also a possibility for realizing sustainable strategies.

Omar Mohout

How do you adopt Hyper Scalability to change your company for the future?

Olivier Malek

Hybrid processing technologies combine two or more existing technologies to form a new technological approach so that the advantages of each existing technology can be used synergically. Although it can result in more than just that.

Thomas Vandenhaute

It may seem to be a stretch to assert that LEDs play a truly important role in the future of the Internet of Things. After all, by themselves, they’re just lights. However, with sensors tucked inside and a bit of intelligence added throughout, LEDs are already evolving to be our eyes and ears as the rapidly expanding IoT unfolds before us.