Peter ten Haaf

How as a manufacturing company you can fabricate with extreme precision throughout an entire batch. Read about it in our free white paper.

Fabienne Windels

The Sirris Patent Cell plans to broadcast a series of videos of specialists explaining intellectual property issues.

Fabienne Windels

What are the essential points of a confidentiality agreement?

Thomas Vandenhaute

Proactively acting on new environmental legislation gives your manufacturing company a competitive advantage. Get started on it together with Sirris and Agoria.

Olivier Malek

At the end of May, the machine cutting industry gathered together for the 7th High Performance Cutting Convention in Chemnitz, Germany. It was a particularly busy event, with almost 260 presentations. Naturally, Sirris was an attendee as well, both to introduce its own work as well as spot new trends.

Ilse Evenepoel

Foundry products are - and will remain - a crucial basis for many end products. This is why Sirris is making its more than 60 years of experience and expertise available to the sector and its customers, along with its prototype foundries and testing laboratories. But there's more: in April, at the request of several industrial players, Sirris began a six-part course in foundry technology in order to stimulate knowledge transfer even more.

Caroline Mair

Are you a company with an innovative idea that could help improve our quality of life? Are you a technology provider looking for new business opportunities? Are you just looking for new ideas to explore? Then, our half a day networking conference on June 28th is exactly what you are looking for!

Bojan Spasic

Discover more about Sirris’ 3 key takeaways from SecureCloud 2016, Europe’s foremost cloud security conference.

Tom Jacobs

Processing hard materials such as ceramics is particularly time-consuming. Especially with conventional machining methods such as grinding. Fortunately, there are more and more alternative techniques that can perform the operation easier and faster, such as laser-assisted milling.

Filiep Vincent

Thanks to our expertise in the field of smart manufacturing, food companies can process orders faster than ever. Without loss of quality.