Olivier Malek

Integrated laser hardening provides solutions for hardening thin, elongated objects that warp during traditional hardening processes. It also offers other advantages.

Stijn Lambrechts

Between 7 and 9 March 2017, RapidPro, the trade fair for additive manufacturing, will again take place in Veldhoven (The Netherlands). The theme of the congress will once again be ‘From design to manufacturing'. Leading organisations and speakers will be there to present the latest innovations in the field. Sirris will also be there with its own stand.

Linde De Vriese
Thomas Vandenhaute

Unknown makes unloved, a description all too often still applicable to composite materials when it comes down to material selection. This is why with their third white paper the SLC-Lab and its partners want to pass on some essential tools and methodologies to help designers and OEMs make the right choices. This paper will help you make a well-informed choice that could make a positive effect on your activities. You can download the third white paper now!

Marie-France Rousseau

With the online presentation 'European Venture Capital' Sirris expert Omar Mohout presents an extensive report about financing in Europe in 2016. The document contains lots of data and information and brings some surprising insights.

Kathleen Smolders

The cluster project ‘Innovatieve coatings’ has been launched this month. The aim of the cluster is to bring together the different coating sectors, so they can learn from each other's product and technologies to apply the knowledge and expertise of one sector in the other. The kick-off event will take place on 31 January, with Dirk Frimout as a guest speaker.

Michèle Gasparini

Certain foods contain nanoparticles, but their absence on labelling does not comply with European regulations.

Fabienne Windels

In 2016, the Sirris Patent Cell broadcast a series of videos by specialists on intellectual property issues.

Philippe Brunain

2016 is not over yet, but Sirris is already looking ahead to next spring. From January onwards, lots of interesting and inspirational events are lined up on topics that are burning hot in our speciality domains.

Marie-France Rousseau

All our best for 2017 !

Mathias Verbeke

The loads of data companies generate every day can be used to innovate. Therefore, the data a company manipulates or has access to needs to be exploited. For two years now the Data Innovation Group of Sirris helps you with this. Its latest move is the launch of EluciDATA Starter Kit Portal.