Marie-France Rousseau
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On 2 February five new Factories of the Future joined in: Daikin, Nuscience, Rousselot, Valeo and Veranneman Technical Textiles can now carry this prestigious label for three years due to their advanced progress in the seven transformations on the road to the factory of the future. Each one of them demonstrated that they belong to the technological core of the 265 Belgian manufacturing companies which already set off on this path. In the weeks ahead we will present these excellent companies to you one by one.

Caroline Mair

Before proceeding with in-depth data analysis, you first need to ensure that the data you have available is suited for solving your business problem. Data exploration is a first step in the data science workflow. It helps you to find out if the data you have available is suited for the problem you want to study. Our training session on data exploration helps you on your way.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

The Sirris OWI Lab and department on additive manufacturing are standard values in their industry and quite proud of it too. The fact that not only Sirris considers the combination of both specialist fields a promising development can be derived from an article about 3D printing in Windpower Monthly, where Sirris was given the opportunity to say something.

Olivier Gramaccia

Virtual reality and augmented reality are ready to multiply our senses

Pascal Pollet

The EU-Japan Centre is once again organising a 5-day intensive course that is going to take place on 26 to 30 June for European senior managers with a technical background who are familiar with World Class Manufacturing. The programme consists of various lectures and a visit to a number of leading Japanese companies.

Walter Auwers

During the third edition of the Factories of the Future Awards awards were granted to Daikin from Ostend, Nuscience from Drongen, Rousselot from Ghent, Valeo from Ghislenghien and Veranneman Technical Textiles from Ardooie. All are now holders of the title Factory of the Future, a prestigious label they can keep for three years.

Linde De Vriese
Markus Kaufmann

In terms of properties materials are quite often ranked on the basis of their anisotropic behaviour. What does this mean for the materials and how can knowledge of this behaviour be used to design better products? In our fourth white paper we mainly discuss mechanical anisotropy in composite materials. Download it now!

Stijn Lambrechts

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is emerging as a viable alternative within the manufacturing industry. Do you have the required knowledge to successfully make the switch? On 26 April and 23 May Sirris organises a new edition of the masterclass 'Design for AM'. This masterclass will offer you the knowledge and insight needed to design components specifically for AM, which will allow you to take full advantage of this technology.

Olivier Gramaccia

The Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) unveiled the emergence of a pluridisciplinary and decentralised ecosystem enabling physical interaction with the Internet.

Peter ten Haaf

The biannual MTMS Machineering exhibition taking place this year between 22 and 24 March at Brussels Expo will be presenting visitors with what suppliers and their partners have to offer for dealing with the transformations that will be taking place in production, assembly and supplies during the run up to 2020.