Bart Teerlinck

Sirris, Agoria and the Belgian Welding Institute are organising an intensive training session for 12 May about manufacturing and inspecting in accordance with European standard EN 13445 for pressure equipment, which guarantees conformity with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Phil Bygate, chairman of the European technical committee and expert in the field, clarifies the directive, while comparing it with other international codes and also teaching you how to apply it in practice.

Benjamin Vandeputte

The event 'Casting provides the route to tomorrow’s products' on 30 March will not just be focusing on the latest ovens recently installed at Zwijnaarde and the related services, but also on other initiatives for the foundries sector and customers for casting products.

Stijn Lambrechts

Are you taking account of the latest technological developments for strengthening activities in 2015? Agoria ICT is holding a 3D Trend event on 30 March in the Kinepolis cinema in Brussels: it is in the form of a standing buffet complete with demonstrations, followed by two keynote speeches and the showing of the 3D film titled Wolf Totem.

Didier Garray

Sirris along with Optim Test Center has developed a manufacturing process combining the thermoforming of continuous fibre thermoplastic composites with injection overmoulding in a single mould.

Daan Dewulf

Vepola Industrial Coatings investigates innovative technologies and potential collaboration partners in order to provide new types of treatment systems. This SME based in Genk, focusses mainly on obtaining collateral benefits with companies in the surrounding area and investing in its own employees.

Wim Codenie

Would you like to see drones being deployed in the construction, transportation, logistics, security, farming, horticulture, etc., sectors? Curious to know about the latest legislation and innovations? Or would you rather see a drone demonstration from close at hand? The Drone Convention takes place on 21 April when for a short period, C-Mine in Genk will become the European centre for everything to do with drones and UAVs.

Didier Garray

Sirris is contributing to a project that consists in developing passive components (called auxiliary radiators) that can be programmed in front of telephone relay antennas to optimise the electromagnetic field.

Pascal Pollet

Continental, Dentsply Implants, Newtec and Provan are the first factories of the future in this country. For a number of years now, these technology companies have been investing in state-of-the-art production technology, digitisation, social innovation and ecology, and are now among the top manufacturers in this area. There is no doubt that they deserved to be presented with the Factory of the Future award on 3 February this year. One by one, we now put these remarkable companies under the spotlight.

Walter Auwers

Provided they innovate with their products and processes, find new niche markets and export more there is certainly a future for Belgian industrial companies. For inspiration, Canal Z shows you inside the first Belgian Factory of the Future. The first instalment of this 4-part series is the story of the transformation that took place at Newtec. Essential viewing! Thursday evening 8 o'clock.

Stijn Lambrechts

Now that it is clear that additive manufacturing (AM) has potential for high quality production, it is important that companies become familiarised so that they can start successfully deploying it. It is vital that the design is adapted to the technology. During the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass Sirris is offering to share with you the knowledge and understanding needed for designing components specifically for AM. Participation would result in you fully benefiting from the advantages it offers.