Denis Vandormael
Olivier Gramaccia

How do you print a circuit or a sensor on your products? The answer is: AJP (Aerosol Jet Printing) ! To showcase this innovative technology and its benefits, Sirris Microfabrication AppLication Lab (SMALL) will be holding a number of exhibition sessions on 7 October as part of the Week of Miniaturisation (6 - 10 October 2014).

Jan Geeraert

Manufacturers are increasingly pooling their resources in order to offer customers maximum added value through shared R&D. This is not just about peeping over factory walls, collaboration has now become a keyword extending over national boundaries. This is why Sirris and Agoria brought technology companies and supporting organisations from the Netherlands and Belgium together at the Science Park in Diepenbeek on 23 September. The most important items to be learned.

Ine Truijen

Did you know that an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient but just as effective alternative to existing products based on C8 chemicals will soon be available? In her presentation entitled 'Environmentally friendly and Durable Oil- and Water-Repellent Finish on Technical Textiles', Ilse Garez from Hogeschool Gent will talk about the development of this new generation of coatings which make materials water-repellent and fat-repellent.

Stefan Milis

During the event "Flanders: leading the way in renewable energy technology" on 7 October, Generations, the innovation platform for renewable energy technology in Flanders, presents a few success stories of projects by strategic initiatives, such as OWI-Lab. Also on the agenda are two technology watches on grid integration and battery storage.

Ine Truijen

Many classic coating systems require much energy and often have a serious impact on the environment. The decisive reasons to switch from traditional to new coating technology are often economic or ecological in nature. However, there are more benefits. Professor Marc Van Parys of the Hogeschool Gent will address them in more detail in his presentation ‘Coating technologies in textile: State-of-the-art and future perspectives’.

Hilde Krikor

Federplast is organising an innovation seminar for plastics manufacturers on 14 October. Within just a few hours you will meet and get to know the people who support and stimulate innovation in this sector. Among others, Sirris, Centexbel, Innovation Circle, VKC, Certech, Flanders’ PlasticVision, FISCH, IWT, SIM, Made Different, EFRO, ESA, universities and the Flemish Region will be present.

Pascal Pollet

What are the advantages of lean manufacturing? Can this 'lean' production model be used in a lot of different situations? What creates the Flow? Will your customers be persuaded by lean manufacturing? What can you expect from your employees? Come along and find out more during the Agoria and Lean Lead workshop on 23 October!

Krist Mielnik

Along with the manufacturer Etalon, Sirris is organizing a workshop on precision machining on 15 October. The presentation includes equipment for the purpose of determining the volumetric accuracy of a milling machine. The event comprises both a theoretical part, as well as a demonstration and explanation of the service.

Peter Ramaekers

The development and production of innovative advanced materials is well represented and economically important in North-Western Europe. TTC (Top-Technology-Cluster) wants to encourage this evolution and on September 30th is organizing its third Cross Border Event, in which companies and institutes from Belgium, the Netherlands and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia can find new industrial and R&D partners.

Denis Vandormael

The possibilities of miniaturisation for product development appeal to the imagination. From healthcare to power supply or logistics: smaller devices provide unexpected benefits in many sectors. They astound due to their technological features, whereby they often go further than their larger counterparts. What can miniaturisation mean for your production? Be inspired during the Week of Miniaturisation, from 6 through to 10 October 2014 at the Sirris Microfabrication Application Lab (SMALL) in Seraing.