Sven De Troy

Sirris and the other partners of the European project Premanus are presenting their results at the ReMaTec exhibition. Within the scope of this project, a lecture is being given on 'Optimizing the remanufacturing strategy for complex products with dedicated IT architecture' on Monday 15 June.

Daan Dewulf

Atmospheric plasma technology has become increasingly visible over the last few years as an innovative surface treatment technology that goes further than the traditional corona activation. Bert Verheyde, the Expert in Plasma Technology at VITO, talks about the opportunities presented by recent developments.

Jan Kempeneers

Together with a number of Flemish companies, Sirris recently visited the prestigious Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung (IPA), a partner in the SmartFactory research project, as well as two leading German manufacturing companies.

Anje Van Vlierberghe

On 28 May 2015, Flanders Make is holding a seminar focusing on the adaptive sensing & control of uncertain systems. Some lessons learned from Flanders Make projects 'Adaptive Sensors' and 'Stochastic Control' will be presented. Place to be is our Sirris site in Zwijnaarde.

Rik Belien

In order to make processes more efficient, cost-effective and innovative, the manufacturing sector - specifically SMEs - needs the developments of the Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things. Together they form the cornerstone of the digital factory and can have far-reaching consequences on cost reductions and improved quality within your production environment. Sirris and LSCE have set up the 3IF project for supporting these developments.

Bart Teerlinck

Increasing numbers of companies in the pressure vessel industry are discovering the advantages of having a single standard: EN 13445. It's therefore not surprising that Sirris invited along expert Phil Bygate and devoted a whole day to the subject.

Heidi Van den Rul

With increasing frequency, materials, process components or end products are given an extra built-in functionality to enhance their value. What are the possibilities? What functionalities can be achieved? And how can a surface treatment increase your profit margin? The Smart Application Lab introduces you to surface treatments and coatings in a series of roadshows and company testimonials. The third roadshow is to take place on 11 June 2015, during the Eurofinish exhibition in Leuven.

Stijn Lambrechts

Successful application of additive manufacturing starts with a design drawn up on the basis of the technology. During the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass, those present acquired knowledge and understanding about designing components specifically for AM. We'll let them tell you about it.

Peter ten Haaf

The 15th euspen conference takes place in Leuven between 1st and 5th of June this year. The European Society of Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen) is an influential body bringing together industrialists, researchers, government departments, as well as new and established global players. Each year the conference attracts around 350 to 400 visitors. Sirris is one of the sponsors.

Fabienne Windels

This year the Annual Days of the francophone patent information professionals are being organised in Brussels at Sirris.