Sébastien Michotte

Thales Alenia Space Belgium aims to develop cooling devices integrated into the bearing structure of its power equipment. Sirris is bringing to this project all its expertise in additive manufacturing.

Benjamin Vandeputte

On March 30 at the ‘Casting provides the route to tomorrow’s products’ event, the focus won’t only be on new foundry furnaces and surrounding services at the Zwijnaarde site, but also on the other initiatives for the foundry industry and consumers of foundry work. Some fascinating lectures and a panel discussion moderated by Marc Lambotte, CEO of Agoria, complete the programme.

Stijn Lambrechts

The successful application of additive manufacturing starts with a design made in function of the technology. During the 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' masterclass, those present acquire knowledge and understanding in order to design components specifically for AM. This in accordance with a successful, specific methodology ...

Olivier Malek

Components must be produced with increasing level of precision. The accuracy of the machine tools depends principally on a range of factors. In order to help designers and operators to achieve high levels of accuracy, Sirris has come up with a few practical rules.

Nikolaas Van Riet

In the search for lower fuel consumption, engines have become leaner, have higher compression ratios and combust at higher temperatures. This results in relatively low CO and HC emissions, but high emissions of NOx. In order to counter this effect, after-treatment systems have been deployed, but cold starts remain a problem. The high NOx emissions can be reduced in several ways. Full vehicle testing is essential for obtaining the best results. OWI-Lab has the proper testing equipment that is also suitable for large off-highway vehicles.

Bart Teerlinck

On March 31, Sirris Ghent welcomes the EPERC, the European Pressure Equipment Research Council. Prior to the annual general meeting, there is a technical plenary session.

Nick Boucart

Running a software as a service (SaaS) business is hard: you need to develop and evolve a stellar software product, that elegantly and intuitively, dare I say 'auto-magically' solves pressing problems for your customers. You need to attract new customers, bring them onboard and hook them for life, you need to address support issues.

Solange Humblet

NANORA, the NANO Regions Alliance, will be holding a free seminar on NANOBIO in Saarbrücken, Germany, on 22 April. The seminar will serve to develop knowledge and skills and to make new business contacts.

Raoul Carrus

LBM is becoming an accepted fabrication process for metal parts. But it still suffers from problems that mean their quality is not guaranteed. Sirris has launched a new project aimed at improving control of the complex thermal process.

Anje Van Vlierberghe
Kristof Mulier

In collaboration with the Mechatronica 4.0 project team, Benes managed to effectively apply rapid prototyping for the development of a highly accurate printer feeder table and the associated software. Techniques that come under the heading of rapid prototyping (RP), allow for a quick, cheap and efficient way of achieving a product prototype that already leans heavily on the individual requirements set. Consequently, the scale-up to a fully-fledged industrial product is only a small step.