Benjamin Denayer
Peter ten Haaf

On 14 November Sirris presents a pilot of an 'AM integrated Factory' in the machine hall in Diepenbeek. This pilot set-up of a production line combines different state-of-the-art technologies: LBM (laser beam melting), 5-axis high-precision milling, laser hardening, surface functionalization by means of a femtosecond laser and operator support by means of a cobot. A unique feat for Belgium and beyond!

Rik Vanhevel
safety standard

In the manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors there is still ambiguity regarding the safety connected with operating hybrid work cells, where operators and robots work together. Sirris is therefore organising a seminar on 26 September within the scope of Standards Cell Industrie 4.0 to discuss technical safety standards when operating work cells.

Bas Rottier

On 11 July Sirris received a delegation from Iran who wanted to find out more about how knowledge institutions such as Sirris can help companies innovate.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

OWI-Lab's long-term R&D effort at the Belwind offshore wind farm monitoring the temporal evolution of stiffness of offshore monopile foundations received an award at the Offshore Wind Energy conference in London.

Pieter Jan Jordaens

On 21 September the Belgian Energy Research Alliance (BERA) organizes together with IBN Offshore Energy, Tweed and VLIZ a brokerage event to connect the scientific community with experts from the offshore wind industry.

Bart Verlinden

To increase the number of market-oriented high-tech R&D projects between Belgium and Sweden a Belgian-Swedish initiative was set up, in which Sirris too is involved as a partner. On 4 October the initiative will be officially launched during the pilot event 'Digitization of the Future Industry', which will take place in Bluepoint Brussels.

Pieter Beyl

DiBO was looking for energy savings and ecological improvements for a line of industrial high-pressure cleaners. Together with Sirris the company developed a new, more ecological hybrid high-pressure cleaner.

Nick Boucart
Peter Verhasselt

People are building too much software. I see how lots of SaaS teams focus on building their software product, more features, refactoring and building infrastructure, while often essential matters such as offering a good first user experience (‘onboarding’) is often left the chance. The second ‘S’ in ‘SaaS’ stands for ‘Service’. This is exactly where the difference is made. It is high time for SaaS companies to understand that first of all they have to develop a service, and only then, in second place, software.

Tom Jacobs
Machine 4.0 concept, vormpersen

Fraunhofer IWU will be presenting its 'Machine 4.0 concept’ at EMO Hannover 2017 in September. The concept combines an actual and a virtual machine - in this case a die-casting machine.

Patrick Cosemans

Eurautomat wanted to find an antistatic coating to eliminate electrostatic discharges in its gaming machines, teaming up with Sirris for this purpose.