Caroline Mair

Data are flooding almost all sectors of our economy. That is why an increasing number of innovations is based on managing and interpreting (available) data, which are collected by means of a variety of sensors. Are you eager to find out what data innovation can mean for your company, products, services and technology? Discover it in October at the Sirris’ mastercourse ‘Data-driven innovation beyond the hype’.

Krist Mielnik

Among the different working strategies for ‘high performance cutting’ (HPC), trochoidal milling is an efficient way of processing (difficult materials), and is one that also utilizes a longer cutting edge. In order to increase productivity even further, the materials and processes laboratory at University of Karlsruhe has developed another strategy for trochoidal cutting, namely epicycloidal cutting.

Tom Jacobs

The German firm Mozys Engineering developed a solution to monitor vibrations during machining operations: signal processing, real-time data acquisition, evaluation on PC and data communication in 1 device.

Thomas Vandenhaute
Hilde Krikor

Early 2016, Sirris devoted several papers to the recycling of plastics, the circular economy and bioplastics as a sustainable alternative to plastic waste. In this context, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) recently reported that biodegradable plastics are currently no solution to marine litter. In fact, it’s our waste management on land that should be improved in the first place.

Philippe Thiran

You have a great passion for software engineering and innovation? You’re eager to share your expertise with companies? And you(‘d) like to anticipate the latest trends in global ‘digitization’? Than come join the Sirris Software Engineering team in Brussels, where technology, business and engineering meet!

Walter Auwers

Has your company achieved breakthroughs within the seven Made Different paths, thereby consolidating your competitive position at home or abroad? If so, why not put your name forward for the Factory of the Future Awards 2017?

Thomas Vandenhaute

Manage the waste and surplus material flows in your own manufacturing company, because it can produce money. It’s done by reducing the size of waste heaps and reselling surplus materials, or indeed making better use of them. During our seminar on 26 October, Sirris and Agoria will be demonstrating the best ways of doing this.

Fabienne Windels

Reliable intellectual property statistics are an important tool in understanding trends in policy, business and technology worldwide.

Fabienne Windels

International registrations of designs and models can now be viewed in Designview.

Heidi Van den Rul

The fifth smart coating roadshow takes place at our location in Diepenbeek on 30 September. In addition to the presentation of various, popular coatings, a visit has also be arranged to our smart coating infrastructure.