Nick Boucart

Would you like to start with the development of Software as a Service or, in short, SaaS? Then you're on the right road as the provision of software on a service basis is on the way up. To help you with your first steps, we’re organising practical information sessions in the autumn.

Caroline Mair

On 28 June, a networking conference in Brussels organized by Sirris will explore how new technologies help improve and maintain our quality of life.

Raoul Carrus

Additive manufacturing can make the production of complex metal parts faster, more flexible and more cost-efficient. These 7 steps describe how.

Peter ten Haaf

Process hard but brittle materials such as ceramics cost-effectively? Discover innovative solutions in our fifth free white paper.

Nick Boucart

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are everywhere. That’s why more and more SaaS and other companies today are wondering if they should jump the API bandwagon. This blog will briefly explain what an API is and highlight some of the business rationales why publishing an API alongside your (SaaS) software product might be beneficial for you.

Krist Mielnik

The Menaleus Blue Morpho is not only a beautiful, iconic butterfly from Central and South America, its wings also have special properties. For researchers from Ohio State University, they provided inspiration for high-tech surfaces.

Benjamin Vandeputte

From 20 April 2016 all manufacturers of simple pressure vessels must comply with the regulations contained in the latest Royal Decree. According to the European Commission, compliance with this legislation should be less expensive for SMEs. The Royal Decree is a transposition of a European directive.

Thierry Dormal

Faster and more cost-efficient prototyping? More flexible and efficient production? Discover how this can be done on 7 June

Pascal Pollet

The World QRM Conference will be held in Warsaw between the 6th and 9th of June. The Belgian company Esco Couplings will be testifying about their breakthrough with QRM.

Olivier Malek

A new route to prevent icing on structures? Discover how modified surface textures offer a solution.