Thomas Vandenhaute

How should the lighting industry in the future deal with dwindling sources of materials? How can you increase the value of your business? On February 11, 2015 Sirris is organizing a workshop on best practices in the lighting industry that will itself bring light into the darkness: case studies, strategy development methods and eco-innovative opportunities that are certain to expand your insight into and activities in eco-innovation.

Guy Claus

They came in a group of ten - technology vendors bringing their sustainable restoration and cleaning proposals to the Port House in Antwerp on November 5. They did so at the request of the project partners of the i-SuPORT project, which includes Sirris.

Bas Rottier

The Flanders Institute for Logistics (VIL), in collaboration with Sirris, aims to use the ‘Cobots in Logistics’ project to help the logistics industry learn about and acquire practical experience of the potential of these flexible service robots.

Anje Van Vlierberghe
Pieter Beyl

The Dutch company KMG, creator of fairground and amusement park attractions, combines frequency regulators with supercapacitors (supercaps) to provide greater sensation alongside energy savings and greater safety.

Nick Boucart

On November 27, Agoria App Alliance and Nebucom will organise an info session about apps and the cloud to offer insights into these services and architecture models for mobile and SAAS applications.

An Van Denhouwe

Recently, Omar Mohout, an expert in the ICT department of Sirris, posted an extensive overview of the Belgian startup ecosystem in 2014 on Bloovi – a platform that connects all the actors in the digital sector. The article was a real hit.

Fabienne Windels

Sirris will be giving a presentation on information which can be found in patent databases during a workshop on 27 November 2014.

Solange Humblet

In order to develop knowledge and skills and to make new business contacts, NANORA - Nano Regions Alliance - is organising a free seminar on nanocoatings on 15 January 2015 in Liège.

Krist Mielnik

Precision in the manufacturing industries is becoming increasingly important. This is why Sirris is organising a workshop about precision processing that will be presented in cooperation with manufacturer Union Tool and distributor Diatool. The workshop is about milling hard metals on a precision milling machine.

Hilde Krikor
Eric Beeckman

On October 22nd 2014, Deloitte Belgium announced the winners of the Technology Fast50 competition. Basalte was the winner in the 'Clean Tech & Energy' category, and next to this also won third place in the overall competition.