Bojan Spasic

During the third SeCloud Brokerage Event on data security, which takes place on 29 March, XAOP will present a holistic approach to security monitoring in the cloud.

Pierre Dagnely

With the development of the Internet of Things and big data, increasingly more data is being collected in more domains. Therefore, over the years, more and more methods to extract useful information from this data have been developed. Some of the most successful methods belong to the pattern mining topic.

Bojan Spasic

During the third SeCloud Brokerage Event on data security, which takes place on 29 March, Veronika Kuchta of ULB/QualSec will present a post-quantum construction of a leakage-resilient fully homomorphic identity-based encryption.

Nicolás González-Deleito

The Sirris Data Innovation team participated in the European Congress on Innovation in Textiles for Healthcare, which brought together key players from both the textiles and healthcare sectors, in order to present and discuss how innovations in these sectors can help to improve quality of life. Sirris gave a presentation on the challenges related to turning data collected via wearables and other sensors present in a user's environment into actionable information.

Caroline Mair

Before proceeding with in-depth data analysis, you first need to ensure that the data you have available is suited for solving your business problem. Data exploration is a first step in the data science workflow. It helps you to find out if the data you have available is suited for the problem you want to study. Our training session on data exploration helps you on your way.

Marie-France Rousseau

VentureBeat, one of the most popular blogs in the global startup ecosystem, has recently published 'Everything you need to know about corporate venture capital in Europe' by Sirris expert Omar Mohout.

Philippe Thiran

Do you like anticipating the latest trends in global digitisation? Are you eager to share your knowledge with companies? Do you want to be on the crossroads where technology, business and engineering meet? If so, this opportunity might be something for you!

Marie-France Rousseau

With the online presentation 'European Venture Capital' Sirris expert Omar Mohout presents an extensive report about financing in Europe in 2016. The document contains lots of data and information and brings some surprising insights.

Mathias Verbeke

The loads of data companies generate every day can be used to innovate. Therefore, the data a company manipulates or has access to needs to be exploited. For two years now the Data Innovation Group of Sirris helps you with this. Its latest move is the launch of EluciDATA Starter Kit Portal.

Marie-France Rousseau

On 20 December, Sirris expert Omar Mohout brought together more than 60 companies of the "€ 1M Club", a select group of Belgian technology companies that raised at least € 1M in venture capital recently, for a breakfast meeting in Ghent in the context of the Scaleup project. This group stands for 322 million venture capital, probably making it the only closed tech event in Belgium that gathered so much value.