Stijn Gielis

To help you to get a clear view on the state of the art of indoor and outdoor positioning technologies the Mechatronics 4.0 team organises a masterclass seminar on positioning technologies. In this seminar we will focus on localisation technologies that can be used in industrial and logistic environments, to localise both assets or goods and mobile systems/vehicles.

Carl Emmerechts

To control your oil consumption, simply screw the small Full Up gauge onto the tank then download the appropriate application and save the tank measurements on your smartphone. Sirris contributed towards the device's development.

Marie-France Rousseau

On 29 September Flanders Make will present the results of no less than six of its research projects in the application areas vehicles, machines and factories.

Bart Teerlinck

On 30 September, the Center for Electronics Design & Manufacturing (cEDM) will organise a first workshop about the impact and future of RoHS: '10 years of RoHS'.

Pieter Beyl

New energy-autonomous detectors make cost-effective production machine monitoring a real possibility.

Tania Drissen

The VIS project Inprovol started on 1 October 2015. This project researches and lays down guidelines for how you can determine the lifespan of the electronics integrated into your product.

Stijn Gielis

Can you use low cost MEMS sensors to realise a condition monitoring system? How will a condition monitoring system help you improve maintenance? And can you detect electrical connection defects? In order to keep or improve their competitive edge, machine builders have to maximise the throughput of their machines and minimise their downtime. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, and the reason why 'Automated online condition monitoring for rotating machinery' is the central theme of a masterclass, held on 3 December.

Pieter Beyl

In some applications, the production machines lose more than half of their energy input in bearings. Much of this is a result of the lubrication. However, by adjusting the lubricant flow according to the load, speed and/or environmental conditions, it is possible to obtain greater energy efficiency by reducing the friction.

Paul Lamsens

New 'evaporation engines' based on the reaction of bacteria to air humidity could become mini power sources for creating momentum or as mini electricity generators. These engines start and work autonomously; all that is needed are spores and water vapour.

Pieter Beyl

Together with Bosch Rexroth, Willems Baling Equipment, the Dutch manufacturer of bale presses, bundling and packing machines, has designed a new baling press for packaging potting compost. An electro-hydraulic drive was used in this case, replacing the normal hydraulic version.