Olivier Malek

The arrival of the femotsecond laser at Sirris opens doors towards adding functionalities to materials which used to be difficult or impossible to manipulate. Tests have already confirmed this.

Marie-France Rousseau

Ever since its creation, our organisation has never stopped innovating and modernising, in terms of both the technological areas where we provide support for companies and our range of services. For the past 10 years it has been doing this under the name 'Sirris'. This 10th anniversary was celebrated with a party and the publication of the Sirris Annual Report 2016.

Elena Tsiporkova

Despite what you might think, there are no quick, simple, off-the-shelf data solutions. Data science is a creative process involving a lot of trial and error tasks. Data Analytics goes beyond technical skills, human, business and research aspects must also be taken into account.

Olivier Malek
Peter ten Haaf

Sirris’ Precision Manufacturing department recently presented its newest addition to the industry: the femtosecond laser machine is now ready for use by companies in our machine hall in Diepenbeek. It can be used to add functionalities to surfaces.

Bart Teerlinck

How can a new sector take advantage of the knowledge and experience of traditional sectors? This is the starting point for a new project that wants to create investment opportunities in offshore, renewable energy by tackling the costs linked to corrosion.

Thomas Vandenhaute

A lot has been said and written about the circular economy although in practice it still tends to be neglected. As a technology company, what could it do for you? Sirris and Agoria have taken up the challenge to demonstrate to you the practicalities involved, as well as offering support for the initial steps.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Philips Lighting’s innovative, circular business model is based on service. This has been done in order to participate in various social trends, such as urbanisation and the energy-saving reflexes of their customers. This way the company wants to offer more quality at a better price and specifically to guarantee that their customers can continue enjoying optimal functionality in the years to come. It represents one of the driving forces for innovation at Philips.

Bart Verlinden
Peter Paulissen

With the arrival of the KMR iiwa at our branch in Diepenbeek, Sirris has recently added a cobot 'with arms and legs', again a first for Belgium! This cobot is (temporarily) at the disposal of our experts for the purposes of discovering its potential and for interested companies to test it.

Olivier Malek

Sirris made steel surfaces water-repellent by applying texture to the surface by means of its femtosecond laser. This technology opens up several possibilities for the functionalization of metal surfaces.

Fabienne Windels

In the case of collaborative R&D projects, companies sign agreements on how the results of joint research should be shared. However, too often, they neglect legally applicable restrictions relating to competition.