Pascal Pollet

M-Design Production has for some time been making the best high quality sheet metal products, but delivery scheduling and production planning was often something of a challenge. Therefore the company decided to take a different approach to the production department and by extension, the entire company. The recent staged implementation of the new strategy, known as QRM, has certainly had a positive effect!

Pascal Pollet

When the production department at Elaut found it more and more difficult to keep up with increasing numbers of orders, it decided to change strategy. QRM offered new insights for greater transparency, shorter lead times and better predictability, while reducing levels of stress and the need for overtime and creating time to make continuous improvements.

Peter Paulissen
cobot, automatisering

GC Europe was thinking about automating its packaging processes with a cobot. Sorting all shapes and sizes of boxes into a single package ready for dispatch was the challenge. By building a test set-up Sirris was able to examine potential solutions.

Thomas Vandenhaute
duurzaam, eco-efficiënt

Eco-efficient innovation according to the rules of art has not proved to be a sinecure for hearth and stove specialist Flam. Since the company did not have the necessary in-house expertise, it sought and found this in the extensive network of Sirris and Agoria.

Filiep Vincent

In order to get the most out of all the machines in its test area, Melexis wanted to find out if a cobot could support the operators to load test handlers. Sirris went to find out.

Filiep Vincent

Can cobots transfer metal work pieces from one machine to another quickly and efficiently? VVS asked this question, Sirris looked for answers by way of an in-depth feasibility study.

Bas Rottier
volautomatisch monitoren, cnc-machines

The company Dierickx developed a fully automated control unit which monitors the quality of coolant on CNC processing centres and regulates the fluid level.

Mark Van Pee

Based in Arendonk, DiBO is specialised in designing and building a range of cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaners, from portable washers through to trailers and large washing systems. The company also offers tailor-made products for various sectors, from shipping to industrial cleaning and the cleaning of building facades. Following an audit by Plan&Co, Sirris’s innovation scheme for SMEs, DiBO embarked on a new optimisation project. The initial focus was to improve the lead time on a specific trailer assembly line.

Pascal Pollet

Sky Man International applies continuous improvements to both its products and also its production systems and order processing. This is why it introduced QRM to its production department and its offices as well. Thanks to setting up collaborative teams, the lead times have become even shorter and internal operations have been improved even further.

Bart Verlinden

From independent distributor of building climatization parts to developer of own innovative solutions with a refreshing approach to production, quality control, logistics and sales. A drastic, successful turnaround together with Sirris.