Pieter Jan Jordaens

The Sirris OWI Lab and department on additive manufacturing are standard values in their industry and quite proud of it too. The fact that not only Sirris considers the combination of both specialist fields a promising development can be derived from an article about 3D printing in Windpower Monthly, where Sirris was given the opportunity to say something.

Stijn Lambrechts

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is emerging as a viable alternative within the manufacturing industry. Do you have the required knowledge to successfully make the switch? On 26 April and 23 May Sirris organises a new edition of the masterclass 'Design for AM'. This masterclass will offer you the knowledge and insight needed to design components specifically for AM, which will allow you to take full advantage of this technology.

Stijn Lambrechts

Between 7 and 9 March 2017, RapidPro, the trade fair for additive manufacturing, will again take place in Veldhoven (The Netherlands). The theme of the congress will be ‘From design to manufacturing'. Leading organisations and speakers will be there to present the latest innovations in the field. Sirris will also be there with its own stand.

Laurent Voets
Bruno Verlee

After 25 years of development, the techniques of Additive Manufacturing (AM) are being increasingly used in companies. What is the present situation with regard to standardisation? Can we actually use published standards as guidelines?

Benjamin Denayer

Companies are increasingly aware of the advantages offered by additive manufacturing (AM). The first steps have been taken, but the business model allowing AM to drive innovation often lies far ahead into the future. An excellent intermediate step is to integrate AM into the production equipment.

Stephan Masselis

Digital manufacturing is more than just 3D printing. During the seminar held on 4 October, Sirris, Centexbel and the Centre for Polymer and Material Technologies (CPMT) at the University of Ghent, all partners in the FDM4TP research project, will be presenting the opportunities made available by, and recent developments in, digital printing, from 2D to 2.5D and 3D right through to 4D printing. (language = Dutch)

Benjamin Denayer

Are you passionate about production in all its forms: the processes, the automation involved and its digital integration? And are you also fascinated by the wonderful world of additive manufacturing (AM)? Then we have the perfect job for you. As our new AM Integration in Production expert, you help Belgian top companies in their efforts to integrate the outstanding technology of the future.

Raoul Carrus

Additive manufacturing can make the production of complex metal parts faster, more flexible and more cost-efficient. These 7 steps describe how.

Thierry Dormal

Faster and more cost-efficient prototyping? More flexible and efficient production? Discover how this can be done on 7 June

Olivier Gramaccia

Sirris is co-organising the conference on industrial laser processing to be held 28-29 June 2016 at "Château de Colonster" in Liège.