Marie-France Rousseau

The third edition of the VOM Network event will take place on 22 November. Its 'Raise your Game' theme will deal with how SMEs can improve their competitiveness in the world of tomorrow. Sirris will also be giving a presentation.

Patrick Cosemans

The Flemish Doctoral Schools organise a winter school on the topic of “Functional Coatings”, during which contemporary topics in ink and coating chemistry and functional coating engineering are covered by international experts in the field and by doctoral students and postdocs from regional universities. The winter school addresses both industrial and academic research. Sirris too will contribute to this event.

Heidi Van den Rul

The fifth smart coating roadshow takes place at our location in Diepenbeek on 30 September. In addition to the presentation of various, popular coatings, a visit has also be arranged to our smart coating infrastructure.

Daan Dewulf

Applying coatings is increasingly becoming a task for robots. Nowadays automatic coating processes are being used mainly in mass production, because programming spray arms is a very time consuming operation. But a revolutionary, new technology is paving the way for small production series and single items. The robot imitates human movements perfectly.

Heidi Van den Rul

On 12 April the new infrastructure and a new edition of the roadshow will open at our Diepenbeek site. The American startup Slips Technologies will be contributing to both events: the keynote address at the opening event and a more technical exposition during the roadshow. A very smooth process has already been guaranteed!