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Are you an SME involved in manufacturing, located either in Wallonia, East or West Flanders and also thinking about making changes to meet Industry 4.0? If so, we have good news for you!

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A ‘factory of the future’ is circular. Whatever the motives are - reducing material costs, anticipating new laws, responding to changing customer demands, reducing the ecological footprint - in the long term companies will definitely move towards more circular business models. The learning network Circular Economy Connect is here to help you out.

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On 2 February five new Factories of the Future joined in: Daikin, Nuscience, Rousselot, Valeo and Veranneman Technical Textiles can now carry this prestigious label for three years due to their advanced progress in the seven transformations on the road to the factory of the future. Each one of them demonstrated that they belong to the technological core of the 265 Belgian manufacturing companies which already set off on this path. In the weeks ahead we will present these excellent companies to you one by one.

Walter Auwers

During the third edition of the Factories of the Future Awards awards were granted to Daikin from Ostend, Nuscience from Drongen, Rousselot from Ghent, Valeo from Ghislenghien and Veranneman Technical Textiles from Ardooie. All are now holders of the title Factory of the Future, a prestigious label they can keep for three years.

Walter Auwers

Even if you cannot take part, it may be worth it to come to the Factory of the Future Awards, because of the instructive processes the participating businesses went through and which they want to share with the 300 people who registered. Besides, your attendance to the event has some other interesting benefits!

Walter Auwers

We visited the factory in the spring for inspiration. Now the German factory of the future is coming here to allow Belgian industry to take a look behind the scenes. At the Factory of the Future Awards presentation being held in February next year, Gunter Beitinger, Vice President & Plant Manager at the Siemens factory in Amberg, will be talking about the digital future of manufacturing.

Walter Auwers

On 2 February 2017 the Factory of the Future Awards will be taking place for the third time. The Wild Gallery in Brussels has been chosen as the most suitable venue for this unique event. Once again a number of companies will be rewarded with the Factories of the Future label. Will you be there too?

Walter Auwers

On 2 February 2017 we will once again be handing out the Factory of the Future Awards. The Award is given to Belgian companies in recognition of their achievement over the previous years in becoming a proper Factory of the Future. They do this through the realization of seven future-oriented transformation domains. You open many doors with the Factory of the Future Award that ultimately benefit your company. Here are five reasons why it’s worth participating.

Walter Auwers

Has your company achieved breakthroughs within the seven Made Different paths, thereby consolidating your competitive position at home or abroad? If so, why not put your name forward for the Factory of the Future Awards 2017?

Stijn Lambrechts

For years now, Herstal Group has been using additive manufacturing for developing innovative products. You can find out exactly how on 12 May.