Krist Mielnik

Among the different working strategies for ‘high performance cutting’ (HPC), trochoidal milling is an efficient way of processing (difficult materials), and is one that also utilizes a longer cutting edge. In order to increase productivity even further, the materials and processes laboratory at University of Karlsruhe has developed another strategy for trochoidal cutting, namely epicycloidal cutting.

Tom Jacobs

Processing hard materials such as ceramics is particularly time-consuming. Especially with conventional machining methods such as grinding. Fortunately, there are more and more alternative techniques that can perform the operation easier and faster, such as laser-assisted milling.

Olivier Malek

L&D Jet Techniek based in Diest in Belgium, specialises in water jet cutting and is the first company in Benelux to acquire a hybrid water jet and milling machine. For some time now water jet cutting has been recognised as a good technology for cutting large components at high speed and with an excellent quality of finish. It can be used on materials difficult to process, such as titanium and carbon and glass fibre composites.