Bart Verlinden

Flexible production automation using cobots for example is no hype - it’s necessary. Nonetheless, successful implementation is not that straightforward. We’ve extended our support facilities and know-how for this type of automation at our application labs in Kortrijk and Diepenbeek. Why not start using them now!

Bas Rottier
volautomatisch monitoren, cnc-machines

The company Dierickx developed a fully automated control unit which monitors the quality of coolant on CNC processing centres and regulates the fluid level.

Pascal Pollet

Sky Man International applies continuous improvements to both its products and also its production systems and order processing. This is why it introduced QRM to its production department and its offices as well. Thanks to setting up collaborative teams, the lead times have become even shorter and internal operations have been improved even further.

Olivier Malek
Bart Verlinden

The Flemish SME Hydroko has developed a combined water control valve and water meter that can be read-off and controlled remotely. The product represents a turnaround and innovation in several areas.

Filiep Vincent

Thanks to our expertise in the field of smart manufacturing, food companies can process orders faster than ever. Without loss of quality.

Peter Paulissen

This year, the Hannover Messe, which is the world's largest industrial trade fair, was completely dominated by Industry 4.0. Sirris was also present. We’ve picked out the most important trends and innovations for you.

Bart Verlinden

On 3 March the festive opening took place of the eighth Sirris branch in the buildings of Ghent University, Campus Kortrijk. The focus will be on flexible automation of assembling, to make specific technology applications, including in the context of Factories of the Future and Industry 4.0, available for mechanical engineering and mechatronics companies in West Flanders and beyond.

Bart Verlinden

On 3 March Sirris and POM West Flanders are opening the application laboratory for making specific technology applications related to Factories of the Future and Industry 4.0. It will be at the disposal of local West Flanders companies, as well as other companies throughout Belgium. The site, which becomes Sirris' eighth, forms the initial stage towards realizing the West Flanders plan for 'Factories of the Future' for the mechanical engineering and mechatronics sectors.

Bart Verlinden

In order to make specific technological applications available to industry within the scope of Factories of the Future and Industry 4.0 for example, on 3 March Sirris is opening its eighth office located in Kortrijk. The focus here is on mechanical engineering, mechatronics and assembly. Here's a little peep at what you can expect at the opening (and afterwards)!