Highly-awaited annual report on European scale-ups is out

With the online presentation 'European Venture Capital' Sirris expert Omar Mohout presents an extensive report about financing in Europe in 2016. The document contains lots of data and information and brings some surprising insights.

'European Venture Capital' is the result of a year of hard work. Due to his extensive knowledge of the start-up/scale-up landscape and the likewise impressive database he is constantly expanding, Omar Mohout was able to correctly analyse and clearly present the information he collected. He started with Belgium and subsequently expanded his insights towards the rest of Europe.

The result is a wealth of information based on Sirris’ unique position which makes it possible to give a neutral presentation of these date, derived from the centre of the landscape. With this report the author wants to give a clear overview of investments in start-ups and companies with a strong growth in 31 European countries, which offers stakeholders in the European scale-up ecosystem guidance, insight and inspiration.

The document teaches you that, although Europe is a unified market, this does not at all apply for the tech scene. It also reveals some other interesting facts:

  • Both the collected amount and the number of deals show that the Brexit did not slow down financing in the UK in 2016.
  • Nevertheless, France is the rising star of 2016 with the highest number of deals (350) in the European landscape, although closely followed by the UK (345).
  • The gap between France and the UK on the one hand and number 3, Germany (203), on the other hand, is quite significant. This economic giant in Europe is directly followed by the much smaller Sweden (188).
  • Small countries like Belgium, Finland and Switzerland are performing excellent and score quite a lot above their economic weight.
  • The financial sector is, both in terms of amount and number of deals, the number 1 and is overtaking other highly successful sectors, including the music industry (Spotify!)
  • Contrary to Silicon Valley, where two out of three start-ups are consumer-oriented, the European scale-ups are mainly B2B (58 percent). Ireland and Belgium have the highest number of B2B scale-ups, while - surprisingly - production giant Germany seems to be a bit more consumer-oriented, with 49 percent B2B.

You can read all about the underlying causes this in the report 'European Venture Capital’.