Pieter Beyl

Are you an electronics wizard? And fascinated by smart products and innovation? Then you're cut out to strengthen our Mechatronics team in Heverlee as a project engineer in electronics. You can count on many partnerships with leading regional and foreign companies and you will have experts in multiple fields as your colleagues and partners.

Bart Verlinden
Peter Paulissen

With the arrival of the KMR iiwa at our branch in Diepenbeek, Sirris has recently added a cobot 'with arms and legs', again a first for Belgium! This cobot is (temporarily) at the disposal of our experts for the purposes of discovering its potential and for interested companies to test it.

Olivier Malek

Sirris made steel surfaces water-repellent by applying texture to the surface by means of its femtosecond laser. This technology opens up several possibilities for the functionalization of metal surfaces.

Kathleen Smolders

On 15 June the cluster ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ organises a workshop ‘Functional Coatings’ & matchmaking event. This event aims at bringing together end users and solution providers.

Fabienne Windels

In the case of collaborative R&D projects, companies sign agreements on how the results of joint research should be shared. However, too often, they neglect legally applicable restrictions relating to competition.

Peter ten Haaf

Self-lubricating machine components, ice-free turbine blades, self-cleaning mudguards, ... you can increase your competitiveness by giving extra value to your products through surface functionalities. You can do so by providing the surface with a texture, by means of coating or laser texturing. In order to further expand its offer of surface functionalization, Sirris has acquired a high-precision femtosecond laser, unprecedented in the Benelux. From now on, you can also count on us for laser texturing! Come and see for yourself on 13 June!

Caroline Mair

Are you interested in getting more insights and in learning more about the creative process of characterising data in terms of features that can help you reach better results when you are applying a data mining or machine learning algorithm? This is your chance then, as Sirris will be organising a second edition of this training session.

Peter Verhasselt
Nick Boucart

Only the future will be able to tell whether the years 2010-2016 will go down in history as the digital equivalent of the punk era. The Sturm und Drang which characterised the punk period in the 1970s eventually came to an end at the close of that decade.

Linde De Vriese
Joey Bosmans

Composites do not generally have highly fire-resistant properties because of the flammable organic matrix which binds the reinforcement fibres. In order to meet the high fire-resistant demands made in applications such as aviation, construction and transport sector, the structure of the composite must be adapted for protection against fire. To this end BVC can rely on the joint forces of SLC-Lab and Smart Coating Application Lab.

Tania Drissen
Pieter Beyl
systems engineering, productontwikkeling

Collecting and properly managing all infomation during the draft stage of product development can often be a challenge. Issues such as access to the latest version, communication amongst those involved or centralized or non-centralized information lead to annoyance and time loss or even additional costs and longer lead time. The approach of systems engineering offers answers to these issues.