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62/365 - 03/03/11 - Square - Accept Payments

Joe is a small business owner. He likes what he’s doing, selling good products to satisfied clients. Unfortunately, things aren’t going too well. Costs of financial transactions are rising, cash is becoming something dirty, and Joe loses out on the business, without having a solution. Sounds familiar?

Are You Ready For The Operational Side Of Your SaaS Business?


ClockIn Belgium many software builders are thinking about moving their software offering to the cloud to become a player in the SaaS arena. Moving to SaaS however requires software companies to acquire many new skills. One set of skills has to do with the operational aspects of the SaaS game.

Transforming From On Premise to SaaS: A Business Transition


On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, Agoria organized an afternoon event around legal issues with Cloud Computing. I gave a presentation on challenges software companies face when making a transition from an on premise offering towards a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Failed flat on your face? Think again, Columbus


You are wired to think about success in black and white terms. You said you’ll do X? Didn’t work out? You’ve failed, right? Many times this is true. You can fail an exam, fail to do what you’ve promised, fail to follow a plan... But success and failure have a different meaning in a startup.

We Need Your Feedback: What Do You Think About the Blog so Far?

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This blog is up and running for already a couple of months now. During all this time we think we have written about things that matter to you, the founder, the R&D manager, the business developer of a software company.

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