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Software is Eating the World

“Why Software Is Eating The World” is an article written by Marc Andreessen for The Wall Street Journal. Marc Andreessen became the godfather of the Internet browser when he founded Netscape back in 1994. Netscape was the first company to capitalize on the World Wide Web by launching the web browser Netscape Navigator. Netscape’s open source offspring Firefox is still immensely popular.

Internship and Master Thesis Opportunities at Sirris

Are you an ICT student looking for an internship or a topic for your Master thesis? Are you keen on working on industrially relevant problems?

Our team participates in several R&D projects where we help companies address technological challenges they encounter (see here for a list of our current and past projects). These challenges might require investigating topics like

How We Helped IOS International Build a Smarter Product

Two years ago our team received a question from IOS International, an SME in Diepenbeek that develops and sells software products for asset and risk management. One of their products is a tool for defining emergency plans. These are documents that describe procedures to address emergencies and crises; such plans aim at restoring a normal situation as soon as possible and with a minimal number of casualties. IOS asked us how they could transform these rather static documents into more dynamic and actionable instruments.

Find out how Adlogix and Belighted benefited from VariBru results to beat product complexity

How did Adlogix gain more insights into the real customer value of their products and services thanks to VariVal? How did Belighted benefit from the Live Contexts approach to customize a SaaS product for different customer needs by activating features at run time?

Find it out on the next VariBru workshop on December 6th, where Adlogix and Belighted will explain the impact and success of these two VariBru solutions on their business.

Finding the Right Balance Between Flexibility and Variability

Many software product builders operate in a context where they not only need to be able to efficiently respond to new business opportunities, but also need to be able to efficiently offer a large number of product variants to their customers. However, these two driving forces push companies in opposite directions.

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