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Problem Solving 101: The SLA-EFS approach

Train accident in Paris - Gare de l'EstEver been confronted with a software problem you can't even find the expert for? Wim's post exposes 2 strategies for optimizing the impact that critical experts can have on software engineering. In my post I want to propose an approach to facilitate either strategy, in what I call the SLA-EFS approach.

Innovation and Public Funding – A Chicken and Egg Problem

Today’s economy and market evolve very quickly, as they are increasingly driven by ICT technology evolutions. Entrepreneurs see this both as a source of new business opportunities and as an endless flow of threats that challenge their current business. Hence their need to remain up-to-date, or even better, to anticipate the ‘next big thing’.

Sirris Software and ICT Technology Positioning Service Helps Companies Shed Light on their Challenges

Over the years the Software Engineering and ICT experts from Sirris have been in contact witn many companies. In order to better help these companies, we developed the Sirris Software and ICT Technology Positioning service. This lightweight instrument has already been applied in more than 100 companies and helps them to gain insights in their major challenges for growth.

Details on the Sirris Software and ICT Technology Positioning service can be found on this page. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

ARTEMIS-2012 Call for Proposals to Open in April

The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking posted preliminary information on this year's call for research project proposals. As opposed to the previous calls, the 2012 call will not involve an intermediate Project Outline phase. Instead, project consortia will be invited to write directly the Full Project Proposal which is due the first week of September 2012 (tentative schedule).

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