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Riding the Two Software Horses

Can you ride two horses at the same time?

We encountered a success story. A small company of only 5 people existing for more than ten years and successfully offering a software suite for industrial SMEs.

The project stage is finished and now they can focus on building a highly configurable product. Actually it's betting on two horses at the same time since the project work still pays off and the new product, based upon the commonalities of the projects, is developed in the latest technology.

The Battle for User Bandwidth

Today, we see an explosion of sophisticated devices and applications in everyone's environment. How many devices don’t you operate every day? In our family several phones circulate (whether or not smart), various remote controls, game consoles, computers, programmable thermostats, GPS devices and so on. Also professionally, I am more than ever confronted with all kinds of applications. Besides the inevitable e-mail and other productivity tools, there are things like ERP systems, simulation software, etc. I have slowly reached my limit.

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