3D printed matrixes for breast reconstruction

Sirris is taking part in an Interreg project on 3D printing for tissue reconstruction. The MAT(T)ISSE project will be launched officially at an evening event at the Lille CHU (University Hospital Centre) on 18 April.

The France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen Interreg project relates to the development of breast reconstruction technology for women who have undergone mastectomy. It consists in combining an adipose tissue graft for patients with an absorbable textile implant comprised of:

  • a shell, custom printed in 3D from MRI images
  • a printed mesh structure, designed to encourage the growth of breast cells.

Sirris's role

Sirris is providing the MAT(T)ISSE project and its partners with its expertise and skills in 3D printing. Its role will consist in:

  • developing ‘material’ specifications and finding marketed or to be developed materials
  • choosing a technology for printing the components of the implant
  • developing a method for processing the MRI image files to make them compatible with 3D printing
  • optimising the proof-of-concept of the implant.


You are invited to the launch of the MAT(T)ISSE project, an occasion to discuss the project's theme and more generally implant printing on 18 April 2019 from 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm at the Lille ICP (Heart Lung Institute), conference room No 1 – 4th floor.

For more information

The project partners are Materia Nova (Mons), ENSAIT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles - Roubaix), UMONS (University of Mons), Sirris and the Lille CHU. Uptex and Eurasanté are handling the dissemination of this project to business.

Find more information on the website.