Who are we?

Sirris is the collective centre for and by the technological industry. We offer Belgian companies three key assets to help them remain innovative: years of experience and comprehensive expertise in a wide range of industries; high-tech testing infrastructure spread across the country; and an extensive network of partners. This way we help large and smaller players in Belgian industry make the right technological choices and achieve sustainable economic growth.

Our approach

Sirris is a non-profit organisation that helps companies by focussing on your markets and technologies to facilitate the attainment of your objectives. We offer individual support at every step along the way, from the drawing board stage right through to prototype development and pilot tests for finished products.

Your company will retain ownership of the results of any cooperation, such as innovative applications or solutions. The acquired know-how remains available at the collective centre for other companies to exploit. This way we also help other companies, and thus Belgian industry as a whole, to forge ahead.

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Our experts

Sirris has 165 engineers, scientists and technicians, all passionate about innovation, ready to help your company rise to its challenges. Our experts pool their multidisciplinary expertise to respond to your questions with specific advice and provide market-oriented solutions. 

Our network

Our wide-ranging network comprises universities, research centres, companies, associations and other institutions from all over Belgium and Europe. We exchange staff, knowledge and methodology with all these partners, and in joint research projects we look for answers to a number of technological challenges. In this way, we aim to stay one step ahead of technological advances.

Our management structure

Key facts & figures about Sirris

  • Every year we help on 3,000 occasions in 1,500 industrial companies, 75% of which are SMEs.
  • Our portfolio contains nearly 5,000 customers and we have more than 2,500 member companies.
  • We have over 140 in-house experts spread over 8 different sites in Belgium.
  • Founded in 1949 by Agoria, the Federation of the technological industry.

For further information, see our annual reports.

Statutes & Membership

Sirris is an organisation with members. For more details, please see our articles of association: in French or in Dutch.

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Diversity & inclusion

At Sirris, we foster a culture of mutual respect and equality, fairness and inclusion for everyone, irrespective of background, characteristics, preferences, … Diversity and inclusion allow us to better address societal challenges and changing industrial needs of our members and clients. By doing this, we are also compliant with the Horizon-Europe eligibility criteria regarding gender equality. read more about our commitment here.

Code of conduct on antitrust

Sirris shall comply with the legislation and, in particular, shall ensure that the legislation on organization-internal economic competition is enforced by its members, customers, suppliers, and employees. Read the full document here.