Additive Manufacturing and Metallurgical Industry Symposium

Sirris is actively involved in the organisation of the '4th Additive Manufacturing and Metallurgical Industry Symposium' which will take place on 25 October 2018 in Charleville-Mezière, France.

For the fourth time this event will be held in Charleville-Mezière (FR) in the Ardennes, focusing exclusively on the manufacturing of additives. This year, it has become an international event and has opened up to several keynote speakers from a number of European countries.

Notably, several Belgian companies will have the opportunity to speak during various panel discussions and demonstrate their expertise.

On the same day, participants will be able to attend panel discussions and seminars, visit the Platinium 3D platform and attend practical workshops. Moreover, exhibition stands will be central to the organisation.

Sirris is participating in the organisation alongside its partners. It will be facilitating a panel discussion devoted to the expansion of additive manufacturing in Belgium, and a workshop on powder handling etc.

Information and registration can be made directly with the organiser or via the website: