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Sirris Patent Cell

Sirris, the collective centre of the Belgian technology industry, is involved in a host of innovation projects with companies. These projects result in new processes or new products, thus generating intellectual property (IP). Thanks to our years of experience with innovation, Sirris has built up considerable expertise in the field of IP.

Patent cell at your service

We can provide assistance to companies from all sectors of the technology industry, be they small companies or major industrial groups. Our services range from advice to development and support within the framework of a full innovation process.

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IP - a broad theme

Would you like to know more about intellectual property, the tools and data bases, anti-counterfeiting, ...? We maintain a number of useful links, addresses and data bases.

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Intellectual Properties webcasts

The Intellectual Property Team (IP-Team) has created, with experts, short webcast video's on several themes regarding Intellectual Property, Patents, etc. They are compiled on this page for quick reference.


The Sirris patent cell was made possible thanks to support of the FPS Economy


In 2002, it received the statute of Patlib centre (Patent Library) by the European Patent Office.




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