AI Starter Kit Portal, gateway to reference AI solutions for industrial use cases

The EluciDATA Lab released its AI Starter Kit Portal, which provides access to reference AI solutions for concrete industrial use cases.

In 2014, Sirris initiated the technology transfer project 'EluciDATA'. Supported by VLAIO and with Agoria and DTAI - KU Leuven as partners, the project aimed at stimulating the uptake of data innovation within industry. At the end of the project, 14 industrial demonstrators concerning entity profiling and recommendation, predictive analytics and forecasting and technological challenges had been identified, selected and realized in collaboration with companies involved in the project user group.

EluciDATA Lab approach to AI adoption in industrial contexts

To help companies understand the potential of data innovation through concrete examples and to illustrate how concrete problems can be tackled, those demonstrators have been transformed into Starter Kits. These Starter Kits generalize and distil the AI needs of specific industrial use cases, in this way providing a source of inspiration for tackling similar problems.

Characteristics of Starter Kits

The Starter Kits are self-contained collections of autodidactic material, providing a description of a specific data innovation topic in terms of its business goal, data-related requirements and challenges, relevant data science tasks, etc. They contain a documented proof-of-concept solution, using public datasets, illustrating which machine learning methods to use and how they should be combined. The Starter Kits tackle a wide variety of industrial problem settings, illustrated on specific use cases from different domains and they include relevant links to technology and literature, guidelines and best practices, regulations…

Access and distribution

To enable the access and distribution of these Starter Kits to a larger audience, the EluciDATA Lab released the AI Starter Kit Portal and created Starter Kit Passports, which enable companies to select one or more Starter Kit(s) that are most relevant to them. Each Starter Kit Passport contains a well-defined description of the business context and goal that is dealt with in the Starter Kit, the application contexts in which the presented data-driven approach can be useful, the specific data requirements that need to be satisfied in order to realize such kind of data-driven solution, and a clear description of the use case to illustrate the approach.

Currently five Starter Kits are available and three additional ones are under development. New Starter Kits are added at set intervals.

Overview of currently available Starter Kits 

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