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Smart Connected products

The integration of ICT, electronics, and low-cost sensors means that products today are becoming capable of interacting with their environment. Furthermore, the use of such smart technologies allows totally new properties to be added to existing products. So there is little doubt about it: smart, connected products are the future. In 2016, companies wanting to harness this potential at an early stage were once again able to count on Sirris.

Masterclass on the power of the Internet of Things in industrial applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is, as elsewhere, having a revolutionary impact on the industrial sector. Wireless technology means that machines can be connected and so a new generation of autonomous machines is beckoning. However, this technology remains a bit of a mystery for many machinery and product manufacturers. In this light, Sirris, Flanders Make and imec decided to organise a masterclass on 'Wireless IoT solutions in industrial applications' to give them more information and step-by-step guidance in this regard.

How to expand a smart product by adding digital services

What happens if you bring digital services and a physical product together? In a bid to answer this question and show both the benefits and the technological implications of such an approach in practice, Sirris developed a demonstration tool based on an existing smart product, namely US firm iRobot's Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner.

EcoNation optimises smart LightCatcher domes

In 2010, Ghent-based company EcoNation started working with Ghent University engineers on a crystal-clear concept. The idea was to enhance the daylight coming in from outside, using it as interior lighting for buildings. It wasn't long afterwards that the high-tech LightCatcher dome, using an automated, rotating mirror system with sensors to efficiently bring daylight into buildings, saw the light of day. The company turned to Sirris to optimise the robustness and the autonomy of the smart dome's mechatronical system.