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Cybersecurity, data protection in the cloud

Joint innovation in cybersecurity technology

Connected software-controlled systems are now ubiquitous and the number of systems is still growing. These systems do not typically include security measures in their design. With the rise of miniaturisation in online SaaS systems (for example, IoT), along with the increasing frequency of cybersecurity attacks, safety and privacy can no longer lag behind or be considered a small detail during the development phase. The global strategic platform SecurIT, an Innoviris initiative in place since 2015, has launched five projects on cybersecurity. One of these, SeCloud, was co-ordinated by Sirris and explored security issues in cloud computing. The platform brings together 15 academic research groups with Sirris, the joint research centre for the industrial sector, in order to promote interaction between these two worlds. This has created a unique opportunity for innovation in cybersecurity within the Brussels-Capital Region.

Based on the connections formed during the project, both within the industrial and the academic sectors, Sirris became aware of various potential opportunities for co-operation in several domains of cybersecurity. Together with our partners at SecurIT, Sirris has thus established a new initiative, aiming to promote innovation in cybersecurity and to push forward the ‘Brussels Initiative on Cybersecurity Innovation’ (BICI). This new initiative is open to partnerships at a national and European level, and works to promote cybersecurity technologies and their integration into the industrial sector, based on industry capacities and requirements.

NVISO investigates integrative approaches to IoT, security and the application of DevOps

NVISO is an innovative leading Belgian consultancy company, until recently based only in Belgium. NVISO has recently opened their first two offices in Germany. As a result of their fruitful interaction and a profound commitment to the SeCloud project, the company and Sirris decided to establish a partnership within the European ITEA3 project SCRATCh (SeCuRe and Agile Connected Things), led by Sirris and supported by Innoviris. The aim of this project is to shed light on the challenges involved when developing and operating secure large-scale IoT systems and when tackling the main issues of the software-intensive systems of today: security, agility and deployment. For NVISO, this is a strategic project, in line with their mission to become one of the most reliable and respected partners in cybersecurity for European organisations operating in critical sectors.

SCRATCh proposes an interactive approach to IoT, cybersecurity and the application of DevOps via an architectural and process platform. This platform includes a security hardware foundation for the identity management of the equipment and the collection of security metrics, a DevOps IoT platform and Dev Ops process, which ensures continuous secure operation.