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Scaling of digital companies

Digital cookbook brings companies success in digital business

“Stop building software. Develop digital services instead.” That’s the starting point for our cookbook, with recipes for companies on how to set up a digital business.

Thanks to open source, the cloud and APIs, it has never been easier to develop software products and offer these to a wide audience. As a result, competition is fierce and prices are under pressure. The classic recipe of simply adding additional functionality to existing software products no longer works. The new book “Hyperscale and Microcare, The Digital Business Cookbook“ goes into more detail about the minimum requirements for successful software products. The idea is that businesses should stop developing software and instead develop digital services that link the concepts of hyperscale and microcare: the ability to establish a close relationship with each of your thousands of users. 
In this book, we discuss the competencies and processes required to expand this type of digital services. We focus on the assets companies need to develop which will add significant value. Practical tips and concrete examples are used to clarify this. 

A smaller leap from start-up to scale-up

In cooperation with Agoria, Sirris offers scale-ups – digital product companies with a product/market fit and aspirations for growth – a learning network, individual coaching and workshops on topics such as the art of scaling, funding, internationalisation, pricing and digital product management through the project.

During the second year of the project, we advised 60 scale-ups, 80% of which reached their original KPI targets. received a near-unanimous positive rating from the participants.

Three companies opt for data-driven product management

Within the framework of the R&D project Flex4Apps Sirris brought together three ambitious companies looking to use data in their businesses, keen to implement data-driven product management: Survey Anyplace, Inventive Designers and DataStories.