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Additive manufacturing

Companies are now seriously considering the introduction of additive manufacturing (AM) to their production floor. Besides integrating the AM process in the rest of the manufacturing chain, quality control is also important when moving beyond prototyping into production technology. Technology for quality control is being developed rapidly and tools are reaching maturity.

Sirris is therefore committed to helping companies choose the best solutions for their AM quality monitoring. Bringing both quality control and additive manufacturing to the production floor are two major goals for Sirris, supported by deep-rooted experience in aligning production to AM, materials research, process optimisation and post-process development.

Various partnerships underscore the fruitful cooperation with industry in this field.

Thales redevelops and optimises supporting structures for electronics

Thales Alenia Space Belgium, the European market leader in electronics for satellites and launchers, and world leader in power supply for satellites, discovered the huge potential of additive manufacturing for technological innovation via a large-scale R&D project that resulted in the development of four demonstrators.

Granutools favours flow characteristics of metallic powders

Granutools, based in Awans in the province of Liège, strives to improve powder understanding by delivering leading-edge physical characterisation tools. The company combines decades of experience in fundamental research on powder characterisation and can offer a unique set of complementary tools.