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Quick Response Manufacturing

Lead time reduction based on QRM

For years, Sirris has been considered an expert in QRM (quick response manufacturing). Sirris raises awareness regarding this strategy and has helped with QRM implementation at companies in Flanders, Brussels and recently in Wallonia, in close cooperation with the founder, Rajan Suri. In 2010, we launched the first QRM projects, since then we have helped around 30 companies take their first steps towards QRM and around 400 employees from some 250 companies have participated in QRM training courses.

Initiatives taken over the course of 2018 include the organisation of three QRM training courses with a total of 36 participants, a QRM Masterclass on POLCA and providing support for the organisation of the QRM World Conference in Eindhoven. In 2018, we supported seven companies when implementing QRM.

Shorter lead times in practice at the QRM World Conference

L'industrie est actuellement clairement dans une période de haute conjoncture. Le principal problème aujourd'hui n'est plus de réduire les coûts, mais d'arriver à livrer à temps les commandes reçues. La stratégie de croissance quick response manufacturing (QRM) permet aux entreprises de se distinguer par des délais courts. La QRM World Conference organisée les 19 et 20 juin à Eindhoven, en collaboration avec Sirris, était une occasion unique d’en savoir plus à ce sujet. Cette conférence incluait notamment une série d’ateliers pratiques et de témoignages d’entreprises qui ont su exploiter le QRM avec succès. Le 21 juin, des visites ont été organisées dans différentes entreprises QRM. Et le 18 juin, préalablement à la conférence, Rajan Suri, le concepteur du QRM, a donné une masterclass sur le sujet.

The industrial sector is currently experiencing an economic boom. The greatest challenge is no longer cost control but rather delivering incoming orders on time. The quick response manufacturing (QRM) growth strategy offers companies the option of differentiating themselves based on short lead times. The QRM World Conference, (Eindhoven 19-20 June,) – in close cooperation with Sirris – was a unique opportunity to learn all about the subject. The conference included a series of hands-on workshops and testimonies from companies that have used QRM successfully. On 21 June, several QRM companies had an open house day for attendees. On the eve of the conference (18 June), Rajan Suri, the man behind QRM, gave a masterclass on QRM.

Sirris organises highly appraised QRM specialist training programmes

The number of QRM specialists in Flanders is growing each year. On 6 March, a new cohort of successful trainees received their certificates during an educational event at a company employing one of the participants: Houtbuigerij G. Desmet in Menen.

The QRM specialist training programme in the spring also proved fruitful., Successful participants receiving their certificates from Rajan Suri himself on 24 October. The corporate host for the graduation ceremony was Parker Hannifin in Boom, the global market leader in motion and control technology.

An increasing number of Walloon companies are taking an interest in QRM. Sirris has been raising awareness of this methodology through various information campaigns. For example, on 12 December, an Introduction to QRM workshop took place at our Liège branch, specifically targeting Walloon companies. Around a dozen companies participated. Through simulation games and enlightening discussions, participants were able to actively and accessibly experience what QRM is and the potential benefits of the strategy for their company. Sirris is using these low-threshold initiatives to pave the way for the introduction of QRM specialist training programmes in Wallonia in co-operation with a French partner. 

Gerken SA taking steps towards QRM

The Gerken Group offers a wide range of carbon, graphite and related products to customers in the railway, industrial and wind energy markets. The group develops and produces carbon materials designed for the most demanding applications, and has a presence in ten countries, including Belgium. The group R&D department is based at Gerken SA, near Verviers. Gerken SA decided to start applying the QRM principles to increase on site efficiency. In 2017, the Board of Directors participated in an introductory QRM workshop organised by Sirris and decided to pursue QRM further in 2018. Two delegates attended the QRM World Conference in Eindhoven. Later, in autumn, one director successfully participated in the QRM Silver training and certification in Lyon. The manager responsible for ongoing improvement will also be taking thisQRM training course. Under the auspices of Sirris' QRM experts, Gerken will take its first steps towards implementing the strategy on the shop floor in 2019.

Applying QRM in felt processing reduces lead time from twelve weeks to five days

Wood bending specialist Houtbuigerij G. Desmet has applied QRM successfully in their production processes and at their office. These interventions freed up space and led to the next step: setting up the new felt cell according to QRM principles. The main benefit of adopting QRM was a shorter lead time. 

Parker cuts lead time in half and optimises production process based on QRM principles

Parker Hannifin is a global player in motion and control technologies. With the arrival of a number of new machines and the transfer of production from a different European branch, the production at the Belgian site required a different approach. The company looked into how it could optimise its production, layout and hence lead time. QRM offered the best solution.