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Corrosion management

Sustainable solutions for corrosion management

When used in offshore applications such as wind turbines, or under extreme conditions in far-flung locations, metals have a lot to endure, potentially resulting in corrosion. Sirris offers anti-corrosion solutions that include both corrosion prevention (anti-corrosion management) and monitoring. These solutions encompass operations and maintenance as well as design.

A strong and competitive offshore sector reliant on innovative anti-corrosion solutions 

How can a new sector profit from knowledge and experience in traditional sectors? This is the starting point for the European project NeSSIE (North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy), the aim of which is to create investment opportunities for offshore renewable energy by addressing costs linked to corrosion, via sustainable solutions to increase the sector’s competitiveness in relation to traditional energy production. The objective is to stimulate strategic co-operation in the North Sea basin and thus jump start new businesses in the maritime industry. Three pilot projects focused on anti-corrosion solutions with potential to reduce the “levelised cost of energy” were launched in co-operation with Scottish project developers SSE, EMEC and Atlantis.

As the only Belgian partner in the consortium, Sirris is represented by OWI-Lab, which contributes essential technological input. With Sirris participating in the NeSSIE project, a number of Belgian companies were able to acquire access to the international offshore sector. A few companies are even looking at the possibility of concrete involvement in the completion of the three pilot projects, including in coating production, drone inspection, corrosion modelling and cathodic protection services.

A combination of expertise creating complete solutions for corrosion protection

On 25 October 2018, the Innovative Coatings IBN Cluster, in co-operation with the Offshore Energy IBN Cluster, organised a workshop and matchmaking event on coating solutions for corrosion protection at the Diepenbeek university campus. Experts in both the coatings and offshore domains participated in the organisation of the event.

During the workshop, attended by 33 industrial companies, the Offshore Energy IBN Cluster gave a presentation, followed by a talk by Sirris on anti-corrosion solution opportunities for the offshore renewable energy sector, with a closing discussion led by the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) on self-healing coatings. 

Parkwind studies the impact of corrosion and fatigue on the lifespan of large infrastructure

Parkwind has been a European pioneer in the investment, development, construction and management of wind farms since 2012. The OWI lab at Sirris supports Parkwind in its efforts to understand and predict the impact of a combination of fatigue and corrosion on the life cycle of offshore monopile foundations.