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Functional surfaces

Real solutions for product surface treatment

The coatings market is constantly growing and evolving. New innovations in coatings that come to market are often only subject to lab-scale testing. Challenges can arise when optimising, applying, upscaling and industrialising coatings on 3D products and during production. In addition, the durability of the coating on a product is a key element of coated product marketing. Sirris provides consultancy services to companies during every phase of the development of surface solutions for their products. Sirris has the in-house expertise and high-tech infrastructure to provide high quality consultation services.

The e-book shows companies how to make products more competitive using functional surfaces

Hydrophobic plastic surfaces, metal surfaces with controlled wetting, machine parts with higher resistance to wear, etc. Products’ functional properties are often based on how their surfaces interact with the surrounding environment. Treated surfaces add value to products, rendering them more competitive. 

The two main techniques to add surface functionality to a product are to coat the surface with a different material (coating), and to structure the surface (texturing). Both methods have their own advantages and specific applications. These methods can even be combined to achieve superior results. However, users do not always know which surface functionalities can be achieved and which techniques work best.

Sirris decided to offer these users an inspiring e–book, illustrating the different functionalities to be achieved using coatings, texturing or a combination of both. The e-book is based on our expertise and experience in both coating and texturing. This e-book contains several case studies, focusing on a wide range of companies operating in various sectors and their requirements. The e-book can be downloaded free-of-charge.

Development of a VOC-free base for liquid metal coating

VeroMetal wanted to develop a VOC-free base for its metal coatings, that approximates the superior properties of a solvent-based product. VeroMetal called on Sirris for its expertise and the Sirris Coating Lab testing facilities.

Gra-fix develops adhesive coatings for gravel

Gra-fix was considering developing an adhesive for gravel, to be sprayed on driveways and garden paths. The company called on Sirris for help with the development of the formula.