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Quick response manufacturing

Lead time reduction based on QRM

For years, Sirris has been considered an expert in QRM (quick response manufacturing). Sirris raises awareness regarding this strategy and has helped with QRM implementation at companies in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, in close cooperation with the American founder of the method, Rajan Suri. In 2010, we launched the first QRM projects and helped around thirty companies take their first steps towards QRM. Since then, around 450 employees from more than 250 companies have participated in QRM training courses.


Initiatives taken in 2019 include the organisation of various QRM training courses and QRM Masterclasses.


QRM knowledge is gaining ground in Belgium

The number of QRM specialists in Flanders increases every year

Two rounds of QRM Silver specialist training courses took place in 2019, in cooperation with QRIS and the QRM Institute: the first in spring, the second in autumn. The ten-part training course enables participants to independently initiate, analyse and support the implementation of a QRM project. The training course focuses on soft skills and change management. 


On 4 June, successful participants from the course in the autumn of 2018 received their certificates during an educational event at a participant company: Fullwood Packo, a manufacturer of cooling tanks for dairy products in Zedelgem.


The 2019 spring QRM Silver course once again resulted in the certification of a good number of new experts. As before, the successful candidates received their certificates from QRM founder Rajan Suri himself. The event took place at Packo Inox in Diksmuide, where stainless steel products are manufactured.

Companies in Wallonia are increasingly interested in QRM

Sirris promotes the QRM method via various awareness-raising activities. As a result, fifty people registered for the Masterclass given by Rajan Sumi. Two QRM workshops took place (one of which was organised in cooperation with Technifutur) in the spring of 2019. Twenty-four people from fifteen Walloon companies took part.


In cooperation with Quick Response Enterprise, our French partner, we organised a QRM Silver course in Lille. Five Belgians attended the course. The successful participants were handed their certificates on 17 October by Rajan Suri himself. The host for the event was Allizé-Plasturgie, a French organisation in the plastics and composites sector. Click here to view the video report of the event.


Three Walloon companies are taking their first steps towards QRM based on their takeaways from the course.