Digitisation definitively breaks through in our companies

2019 was a very special year. First of all, it was the third – and last – year of our three-year plan, which resulted in various significant conclusions and new insights and results. This action plan was based on our Masterplan Innovation, whereby Sirris and Agoria produced an overview of the technological trends we consider crucial for the technology industry in Belgium. Sirris selected 16 portfolio options from the Masterplan Innovation to give concrete technological answers to the companies. Having been future-proofing companies for three years, we can now draw some conclusions. We invested in building a knowledge base for the Product of the Future.  The first concrete innovation projects at companies were completed. At Factory of the Future level a new generation of innovation services has now been successfully launched. In terms of the Business of the Future, Sirris has taken a clear position where data innovation is concerned, as well as scaling of businesses.

In 2019, Sirris acquired even more in-depth knowledge on various topics relevant to the industry as a whole. One important topic is digitisation, the scope of which increases year after year. Digital technologies are no longer limited to data and software departments alone, but are now spreading further. We demonstrated that our broad expertise in digital technologies and strategies could be used to the advantage of the industry and its future in 2019, via various initiatives focused on either a business, a product or a factory.

The challenges of Industry 4.0 faced by businesses were appropriately addressed in 4.0 Made Real. As part of this initiative, we built a real pilot factory, to concretise the concept of ‘Industry 4.0’ on the basis of nine digital building blocks. By developing and demonstrating smart digital solutions, we show companies the advantages of Industry 4.0 and how it works.

The Flanders Impulse Programme in Artificial Intelligence has been officially launched, with Sirris involvement from the outset. We contributed our extensive knowledge of industry and its needs to help set the agenda for the programme. 

We also assisted companies in their transition to smart products. The manufacturing of smart and connected products remains unclear to companies, with many experiencing issues when putting new digital technologies into practice. 

Another topic we are increasingly addressing is the circular economy. Investing further in the circular economy is essential for the future, something that Sirris is already doing.


Our 2019 Annual Report deals with this and a number of other topics.

Looking ahead to 2020, this year seems to be extraordinary. The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on technological industry. As the collective innovation centre for the industry we will do everything we can to support our companies to overcome this crisis. The strong relaunch of the industry will be our first priority.


Herman Derache, Managing Director Sirris



Download the annual report 2019 as pdf