Applying innovative surface technologies at your company

What is profitable today will have been replaced by a better solution by tomorrow. You know better than anyone else the need for innovation to stay ahead of your competitor or partner. New technologies often lie at the root of these changes. This is no different when it comes to surface treatments. Stay up to date!  

Recent developments in the field of lasers and coatings make it possible to treat surfaces to make them more suitable for friction applications, heat transfer or corrosion-resistant QR coding, micro-machining, etc.  We discussed an example of how lower friction can be achieved with innovative laser technology in a previous blogpost (with video).

To bring you up to date with the latest surface technologies, Sirris will be organising a masterclass on this theme in the near future: Applying innovative surface technologies at your company. During this masterclass we will show you the state of the art in this field and what it can mean for you. Technologies for functionalising surfaces, such as femtosecond laser technology, laser curing and various coating technologies, will be discussed. You will see applications that have been realised with partners within Sirris. You will receive a thorough explanation of what precisely this technology does, so you can get a good idea of possible applications and assess them yourself.  

Does this sound interesting? Read more about this masterclass in our agenda and register!