The art of tea

Sirris is playing the role of interim project manager for a start-up that is developing an innovative tea machine that respects the art of tea.

The consumption of tea is experiencing constant expansion. And some people are really expert tea lovers. But to achieve a really good cup of tea, the time and temperature of the infusion are essential and specific to each variety of tea. And the leaves have to be dosed precisely in the correct amount of water.

So that consumers can make their tea more easily, TConcept has developed TeH, a machine that uses capsules. The system recognises each tea capsule and brews it automatically. It matches the amount of water and the temperature to the variety of the tea and prepares a perfect brew in each cup.

The designers developed a first prototype machine in a design office abroad. Several difficulties were encountered in this step and Sirris intervened to help the company to finalise the product.

Sirris played rather the role of project manager and helped in:

  • drafting the specifications and the list of components to be manufactured
  • the choice of materials
  • redesigning the parts for plastic injection and the choice of materials compatible with the final use from thermal, mechanical, and food points of view
  • From this the partner design office made 10 prototype machines which revealed various problems including leakage and electrical insulation.
  • Sirris then completely reviewed the design, produced recommendations for the final version of the tea machine and supported the company with the subcontractors.

The machine was marketed at end 2017 in household appliance stores or leased to customers with a package of capsules. The blends are developed at TConcept by a tea specialist.