Bio-based coating for corrosion protection

A new coating based on rapeseed oil can provide temporary protection against corrosion in extreme sea conditions or high humidity. 

The ready-to-use coating EcoLine®3690 from Cortec, USA, based on 72 percent USDA-certified bio-based raw materials leaves an oily protective film that does not dry up. It is a solution for subcontractors who produce parts or pieces and want to protect them in the time between storage and dispatch.

The product is interesting for companies that want to work sustainably by reducing their amount of VOCs and exposing their employees as little as possible to products based on mineral oils and solvents. The film can be easily removed with an alkaline detergent and can help users avoid the costs of handling hazardous waste typical of classic rust inhibitors. The product can be applied to different types of metal.

Bio-based coatings project 

The new project 'Bio-based coatings: an opportunity for a sustainable enterprise and world', by Sirris and Centexbel-VKC, will provide an answer to this growing demand for products of more sustainable origin. During this project we would like to inform you about the possibilities in the use of bio-based building blocks and applications of these raw materials in coatings.  

Would you like to participate in this project, would you like more information or would you like to discuss your own case or innovation related to this theme? Please contact us!

(Picture above: EcoLine® 3690 (left) vs Solvent-Based Competitor Coating (right) - 64 Hours post ASTM B117 Salt Fog Testing)