Tom Jacobs

The emergence of data techniques, advanced sensors and vision systems, when combined with production knowledge, allows the condition of machining tools to be more effectively monitored so they can be changed in good time. In our masterclass on tool wear on 3 February, we will look at tool wear in a broad sense from a practical perspective.

Pieter Beyl

Everyone sees the evolution towards more digital technology in products to make them 'smarter'. But how do you successfully engage with this as a company? Let us inspire you with the Shayp story!

Setareh Gorji Ghalamestani

The QUALIFY project ran for more than four years to remove the technological barriers that currently prevent the widespread application of hybrid structures (metal to composite) in the maritime industry. On 23 November 2021, the Final QUALIFY event took place, with presentations highlighting the achievements of the project.

Pieter Beyl

Everyone can notice the evolution towards more digital technology in products to make them 'smarter'. But how do you go about doing this successfully as a company? Let us inspire you with the Gilbos story!

Tatiana Galibus

The end of December 2021 brought alarming news for digital service companies all over the world due to the discovery of a critical vulnerability in the Apache Log4j library. This open-source library is broadly used for logging security and performance information. That is why Log4j is a common part of consumer and enterprise services and applications. Sadly, it also affects manufacturing companies, as it is widely used in operational technology products.

Pieter Beyl

More and more product builders are focusing on smart products and IoT. However, many companies still get stuck with their ideas in the many possibilities and uncertainties. To help companies do this, we are building support tools and guidance to get to a stronger, smart product idea faster. Find out more during a webinar on 7 February.

Benjamin Vandeputte

A three-day conference focussing on the many dimensions of innovation with national and international keynote speakers, break-out sessions to build your own custom program, a Training Day and much more? That, in a nutshell, is what Innova Flanders 2022 as the first conference of its kind in Europe has in store for attendees.

Tatiana Galibus

At Sirris cybersecurity experts gain interesting learning experience from individual coaching on company premises. In this blog we share with you some of the many practical observations from the field. Here are some tips based on our experience with supply chain security and how it is dealt with in the companies.

Marie-France Rousseau

The end of 2021 is in sight, the ideal time to thank you for your trust in the past year and to look forward to what the future brings. We have a lot in store for you and would like to give you a hint here.

Ozlem Ceyhan Yilmaz
Bram Cloet

As the weather gets colder, many systems, including aeroplanes and wind turbines, will again have to contend with the effects of lower temperatures, winter precipitation and ice formation. We recently published that temperatures and icing are among the ten most common problems leading to wind turbine failure. Recent developments could change this, saving costs and effort in multiple sectors.