All Events extends temporary accommodation to multifunctional concept

The family business All Events from Zedelgem in West Flanders hires out temporary infrastructure systems for events, such as wooden chalets for Christmas markets and overnight accommodation for festivals. So as to be able to grow internationally, both the concept and product had to be adjusted. The start of a future-focused success story...

For All Events, the wooden chalets that can be found in nearly any Christmas market form the basis for temporary accommodation it rents out at festivals and other major events. Since events and festivals are increasingly prominent on the world stage – just consider Tomorrowland – and there is also interest abroad in sleeping arrangements such as these, the company could not lag behind. A product and concept adjustment become necessary in order to enable smooth transportation and swift assembly and dismantling of as many possible units. The quality and sustainability of the product, along with the comfort it has to offer, including the integration of extra functions, were also additional points for attention.


All Events sought out advice from Sirris and VKC-Centexbel. Choice of material, product concept and business strategy were approached within this collaborative project, with an evolution of design and material choice thus taking place. Various materials were considered together with VKC-Centexbel: steel, aluminium and composites were selected instead of wood, meaning other designs and rental concepts become possible.

Sirris provided advice on the further elaboration of the new concept (‘Festicabin’), the service-provision about this and the choice on strategic in the practical implementation. A suitable partner was thus found in a manufacturer of insulated sandwich panels, and Flemish partners for the aluminium and plastic components. The number of partners involved also had to remain limited, so as to keep the logistics for All Events straightforward and feasible.

Modular unit

The new cabins for temporary overnight accommodation consists of a baseplate with a small terrace at the front, forming the basis for four side walls into which one or more beds and storage systems can be integrated. The cabins can be set up quickly and easily. Moreover, the units can be reduced to compact, easily stackable packages in a few minutes, which thus in large quantities fit perfectly into a freight container or trailer.

Roof and side walls provide thermal comfort, both in hot and cold weather. The structure is furthermore sturdy, wind resistant, fire retardant and offers the possibility of integrating all kinds of functions; including lighting, seclusion options, electronics, connection to a tent, etc. The materials and components used mean as little waste of possible, and are sustainable and recyclable.

Multifaceted platform

Sirris helped the company on its way to elaborating the product itself, and with developing the basis for a platform that makes different configurations possible, according to the requirements of the application. The concept elaborated is modular, and offers a great deal of potential according to use, application, configuration and extension. All Events can thus also further expand its business activities based on this unique concept.

The cabin concept offers numerous options: besides overnight accommodation it can also be used as a stall at Christmas markets, trade fairs and festivals, but can also be deployed as temporary shelter or sleeping space following a natural disaster, for instance. After all, the units can quickly and easily be brought on site and set up, and provide the basic comfort required.

This way, All Events not only has a new, promising product in its range, but is also able to expand its ambitions further based on the platform it now possesses.