APPE's quest for the perfect mould coating

The chances are pretty high that you’ve already had a product of APPE in your hands. The multinational annually produces some 17 billion PET packages for food, beverages, cosmetics and household products. Quality and efficiency are key to the injection moulding process. And to ensure these strengths, the company is doing research with Sirris into special coatings that prevent release problems in the injection moulds.

At its nine European factories, APPE produces packaging for food and beverage giants like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever and Colgate. The plant in Brecht, near Antwerp, delivers up to 700,000 units a day. 

Watertight business-case

“In order to make high quality products at such speeds, the number of malfunctions has to be minimal,” explains Jan Deckers, the group industrialisation manager. “That’s why we looked for specific mould coatings that can resolve the ejection problems." 

In order to free up budgets for this project, a watertight business case was necessary. Sirris provided the necessary scientific interpretation in order for senior management to approve the case. 

In this video, recorded during the first Smart Coating Application Lab’s roadshow, Jan Deckers explains the importance of mould coatings for APPE


(Photo : Plastipak - Plastipak acquired APPE in 2015)