Benefits and properties of fluorocarbon-based and silicon-based easy-clean coatings

Easy-clean coatings make surfaces more maintenance friendly, but can also add additional properties. During the first roadshow of the Smart Coating Application Lab Frans Audenaert, Division Scientist and Team Leader of the R&D group for Functional Coatings at 3M will present an overview of coatings from two important fields of research.

The presentation will address in more detail:

  • Invisible easy-clean nanocoatings for glass, ceramics, plastics and metal: fluorocarbon-based and silicon-based coatings, and room temperature, thermal and UV hardened systems
  • Abrasion-resistant easy-clean hardcoats with good weather resistance.

This lecture will take place during the first of a series of roadshows of the Smart Coating Application Lab to introduce the world of coatings to a larger audience. This series starts on 16 October. For more information click here.