Brush up your practical knowledge of composites during hands-on sessions

Besides the masterclasses, which are usually rather theoretical instead of practical, the SLC-Lab is now organising a few hands-on sessions where the theory is put into practice. Two sessions are scheduled to take place in the near future, and will deal with manual laminating and mould building, and vacuum infusion and prepreg layup.

Following the last masterclass on ‘robust processing’ and also in the context of the CompositeBoost project, SLC-Lab organises two hands-on sessions about the processing of composites.  

Just getting started or expert in composites with some hands-on experience? With our hands-on sessions we will teach you how it’s done. Look at the steps followed by experts by experience - in the matter at hand and with the industry - during the live demonstrations and then set to work yourself under the guidance and assistance of our experts.   

Hands-on session 1 – Manual laminating and mould building

Building moulds and manual laminating are closely connected with each other. Many moulds for composite production are laminated manually. During this hands-on session you will make a mould by means of manual laminating and get acquainted with different techniques and tools. 
Read more about this session, which takes place on 13 February, in our agenda

Hands-on session 2 – Vacuum infusion and prepreg layup

These two processes make it possible to produce high-grade composite components in a relatively simple way with restricted VOC emissions. It is important to consider the materials used and using the right strategy. During the hands-on session all this will be discussed in great detail.
This session takes place on 27 February and is also listed in our agenda.