Cloud computing as an opportunity for the Belgian retail sector

For years now the retail sector has closely followed the evolution of the internet. In the meantime e-commerce is no longer a dark area for many companies and cloud computing is increasingly appearing in the picture. Cloud computing helps retailers to deal with competition. For these reasons Comeos and Agoria have arranged an exclusive seminar that takes place on 20 April including case studies and attended by renowned cloud computing experts, including Nick Boucart van Sirris.

In the shape of cloud computing the internet is creating increasing challenges for existing retailers. New competitors are popping up from nowhere even faster and with very competitive offers, and so the need to provide better customer service has become more acute than ever. This is the reason why more and more retailers are closely examining the advantages of cloud computing for their own businesses. Cloud computing can really help retailers make the difference between themselves and their competitors. Here are some typical benefits:

  • little or no capital investment required
  • variable pricing models based on actual usage (payment per transaction)
  • rapid acquisition and implementation
  • low operating costs
  • innovative multichannel concepts for encouraging customer loyalty

Comeos and Agoria will be introducing players from the retail sector to renowned cloud computing experts and presenting individual case studies from home and abroad during an exclusive seminar on 20 April. You will learn how the retail sector can convert threats into opportunities thanks to 'cloud computing'. The speakers include Nick Boucart (Sirris), Bernard Sauvage (Generix Group France), Peter De Ranter (Prosteps), Vincent Malarme (IBM Benelux), Kim Severy (Mamzel) and Bart Meert (Agoria ICT).

The seminar programme, practical information and registration is all on the Agoria website.