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Patrick Coomans

Manufacturing companies need solid cybersecurity to guarantee continuity and to inspire trust among customers and partners. To let you get to know more about what cybersecurity can do for your manufacturing, Sirris will soon be present at two major events: Advanced Engineering (Antwerp Expo, 11 and 12 May) and Indumation (Xpo Kortrijk, 18-20 May).

Jan Kempeneers

Malmar and Sirris are working on the 'Reconfigurable Cobotic PRODuction Assistant: RECOPRODAS', which will allow Malmar to automate repetitive and manual tasks. This way, operators can focus on improving quality and their work environment will become more human-centered.

Walter Auwers
Jan Kempeneers

At the Factory of the Future Awards ceremony on February 17, our country was granted with six new Factories of the Future. With this Award, the initiators want to designate the most future-oriented manufacturing companies in Belgium. We are pleased to introduce you to one of the winners: Terumo, a medical equipment manufacturer based in Haasrode, near Louvain.

Jan Kempeneers
Samuel Milton

Sirris looked into the feasibility of removing support structures from metal additive manufactured (MAM) parts using cobots. This feasibility study conducted by Sirris is part of a larger work package in the ALMA project in which different approaches to remove the inevitable support structures on Metal Additive Manufactured parts were investigated.

Jan Kempeneers

Sirris is organising the knowledge cluster 'Cobots for flexible and efficient production' in cooperation with TNO Nederland.

Véronique Dossogne
Filiep Vincent

A new standardisation proposal from the ISO TC299 (Robotics) commission managed by Sirris and Agoria on a national level has been evaluated and approved. The new project ISO/AWI PAS 5672 expands and further specifies the test methods for measuring forces and pressures in quasi-static and transient contacts between the moving part of the collaborative robotic device and a human set out in ISO/DIS 10218-2 Annex N.

Filiep Vincent

Can cobots be used to place different products from a pallet on to a filling line? Cargill, an international food producer, sought and found the answer to this question during an instructive project.

Bart Verlinden

Customers and their products are changing rapidly, the manufacturing industry is adapting. To remain competitive, production systems must be increasingly agile and smart, with the operator taking on an increasingly important role. This calls for solutions that can reduce the physical and cognitive strain on operators, which is why Sirris set up a testing ground on operator support. The project is now coming to an end, a good opportunity to present the results!

Jan Kempeneers

Metalworking company Malmar wanted to find out whether one of its products could be automatically post-processed. This was done to improve working conditions and increase the quality of the pieces. Tests clarified the feasibility.

Gunthram Cornelis

“Due to the corona crisis, we had been postponing our strategic projects. With the help of POM West-Flanders and Sirris, we are now innovating again. Now that the feasibility of our idea is definitively proven, we want to build a proof of concept as soon as possible.” This is Stefaan Dewulf, CEO of Ethilog, about his experience with the Crisis Code Cracker, Sirris’ three-part action plan aimed at helping technology companies emerge stronger from the crisis.