Coris combines biotechnology and microfabrication

Coris BioConcept, based in the province of Namur, launched a new, fully-automated medical diagnostic platform – a sort of portable laboratory no bigger than an office computer. Samples taken from the patient are entered into the device on various fluidic chips. Coris called on the expertise of SMALL-Lab to develop the biomedical analysis chip, which has microchannels measuring a fraction of a millimetre.

Coris Bioconcept designs, produces and markets rapid diagnostic kits for gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Over two decades, the SME has developed a range of more than 30 tests. Based in Gembloux, the company distributes its products to health professionals in over 60 countries.

The new diagnostic platform developed by Coris BioConcept aims to identify multiple parameters simultaneously from a single sample, under tightly controlled conditions. The sample to be analysed is placed on a microfluidic chip (lab-on-a-chip). To develop this chip, Coris BioConcept called on Sirris and its expertise in microfabrication (SMALL-Lab).

Sirris helped to create prototypes of the fluidic chip designed by Coris BioConcept, then the pre-production models used to test and validate the system. For this purpose, Sirris's Microfabrication Application Lab (SMALL) created a mould to a set of specifications never before achieved by Sirris.

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