Did you know that Sirris can help with assembly through bonding?

For more than 20 years Sirris has been involved with adhesive bonding. Sirris is pleased to make its skills and expertise available to companies.

Sirris has more than 20 years of experience in the application of adhesive bonding in assembly processes. The Centre operates in several ways in this field:

  • Through participation in a range of research projects at federal, regional and European level for example.
  • By finding solutions for specific industrial situations.
  • The provision of training courses for the European Welding Federation training for engineers for example.

Sirris supports industry with specifications for bonded assemblies, right through to the realization and testing of prototypes.

The initial stage involves laying down specifications for applying details for the basis, the application and the production. Sirris has a tool for estimating costs when comparing the welded with the bonded solution.

The adhesive types, as well as any surface pretreatment required and the geometry of the mechanical tests for the product are selected on the basis of these specifications.

Sirris also has a plasma oven and flaming bench for treating the surfaces of synthetic materials such as polyolefins that are difficult to bond.

Mechanical tests are carried out as standard.

After the adhesive bonding materials have been selected based on the mechanical tests, it is very important to be able to evaluate the sustainability of the bonded adhesive over a period of time. For this Sirris has a climate chamber that can be used by companies and which mimic temperature and humidity cycles and that can be used simultaneously with UV equipment. These tests can also be carried out in compliance with standards for specific situations, and set up in consultation with the manufacturers.

The final stage involves designing a prototype, then building and testing it.

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