Nick Boucart

Today is all about digital transformation, serving customers through apps and websites, or capturing all kinds of data through sensors and doing great things with it. All that information and the success stories obviously make people dream about how that would work in their own context.


Peter Verhasselt
Nick Boucart

"Hyperscale and Microcare are the key drivers of the digital economy." Each of our interviews with people from extremely different digital backgrounds started with this sentence. These took place as part of our cooperation with Bloovi on digital transformation in a Belgian context. We extracted the key takeaways from those fascinating discussions, which we share with you in this very last part.

Nick Boucart
Patrick Coomans

Cybersecurity is everywhere in the news these days. Governments invest in cybersecurity strategies and are rolling out plans. However, not only governments are targeted by malicious hackers; cybercriminals are in fact increasingly targeting companies with the intention of infecting their digitally delivered services or products. Time for action!

Nick Boucart

As a CTO, Lead Developer or Product Manager within a technical company, you have an important role. Whether you are developing a new product or offering a specific service, sooner or later you will be responsible for making certain choices. Where and how will you store data, for example, or which programming language is best suited to combine speed and quality?

Joke Dehond

Scaleup Vlaanderen has developed a broad guidance programme for innovative digital scale-ups, which are on the verge of an (international) growth acceleration. Sirris, Agoria and imec's business accelerator imec.istart joined forces for this unique programme. This translates into an extensive offer and programme for the coming months.

Anna Hristoskova
Nicolás González-Deleito

The InsightProducts project focused on supporting companies to improve their product and service offering through a cost-effective approach to relevant and qualitative product data acquisition and use, in view of digital servitisation. In what follows, a short overview of the main project results is provided.

Nick Boucart

You and your team are improving your SaaS every day, but how smooth is that process? And what do you know about other SaaS companies' devops and operations structure? Let us know: fill in our survey and discover your position and future opportunities for your SaaS devops!

Mathias Verbeke

LifeLine is preparing for the commercial release of the first wearable bracelet with satellite transmitter capable of transmitting an SOS message in areas not covered by a mobile phone network. Designed for athletes and adventurers who exercise their passion in remote areas, it is a tool for a range of different security services.

Mathias Verbeke
Caroline Mair

Digital servitisation is a specific type of servitisation. Within this new revenue model, value is created thanks to the digital services that complement a physical product. Smart objects, the use of which is facilitated by associated services, are the most obvious examples. The concept can nevertheless be extended to a complete product proposed in the form of a service. Let’s take a look at the stakes involved in this new way of innovating.

Marie-France Rousseau

Software providers increasingly need to focus on the optimisation of their services, including the ability to react to customer preferences. Through its flexible framework and algorithms, the ITEA project Flex4Apps creates a full loop that allows companies to offer more complex services while advancing the digital transition. For this unique result the project partners have received the ITEA Award of Excellence during the Online ITEA PO Days 2020.