Discover the potential of cobots at the Smart & Digital Factory Application Laboratory

Would you like to find out more and even try out the extra hands and eyes of the future, as well as other automation opportunities? No problem! In the spring of this year Sirris expanded the Smart & Digital Factory Application Laboratory in Courtrai in a collaboration project with the West Flanders Development Agency (POM West-Vlaanderen). Visit the Laboratory or come along to our hands-on workshop!

Over many years Sirris has acquired knowledge and experience about collaborative robots, also known as ‘cobots’. It has several industrial cobots and carries out technology and economic feasibility studies aimed at determining the feasibility of cobots in low volume assembly processes involving smart automation. We are now bundling our knowledge into a range of themes usually associated with humans, but increasingly done by cobots: eyes and hands, legs, the ability to ‘feel’ objects (sensitivity) and working together with (human) colleagues on the shop floor.

Come and find out for yourself

During the opening event on 3 March a demonstration unit was on display covering new technologies that could be used by operators working in an assembly environment. The demonstration unit is still here! In the meantime more than 120 visitors from over 30 companies have returned to try out the demonstration unit for themselves. 

Two good reasons for visiting us at the laboratory:

  • You can try out the technologies for yourself.
  • During your visit you can make an initial assessment with one of our consultants to assess the applicability with a specific situation in mind at your company. 

What will you be able to see?

  • Smart-glasses with the SmartPick application for picking components from the warehouse.
  • Digital work instructions that support the operator when assembling a component, or carrying out quality controls.
  • The cobot acting as the operator’s third hand.
  • A camera system for ensuring that the correct assembly sequence is carried out.
  • A mobile robot for internal transport running between different workplaces.

Come along and learn

Do you have no idea how you would deploy a cobot in your own company? Or how to make full use of it? A lot of companies suffer from the same beginner problems. Therefore Sirris has arranged a hands-on workshop to help you find your own answers. We’ll give you a thorough explanation about how it works, as well as a number of do’s and don’ts.  

The 'Meet the cobots!' workshop takes place on 24 January 2017 at our location in Courtrai. Want to know more? You’ll find all the necessary information in our agenda!