Marie-France Rousseau

ACUMEN, Agoria's largest knowledge, inspiration and networking event has a new look after a fully digital edition in 2020: four days, more than 100 sessions, in a combination of digital and corona-safe 'live' sessions. People are more than ever longing to meet face-to-face again. Sirris is also contributing to this edition.

Walter Auwers

Have you, as a manufacturing company, delivered an exceptional performance in recent years in terms of lead time reduction, new technologies, automation, product and service development, quality improvement, labour organisation, sustainability, turnover growth, staff growth, etc.? Then your company may be eligible for a Factory of the Future Award. Take a chance and register now!

Thomas Vandenhaute

We share the key lessons and insights from our sessions at the CE Connect learning network with you. In the most recent session, we explored how you can build a new ecosystem of actors: where to start, how to find the right partners, why they should cooperate, how to start cooperating. For these and other questions, we managed to define actions that will lead you to meaningful answers. 

Joey Bosmans

A growing market and increased consumer awareness will facilitate the market acceptance of more sustainable and reusable products. But what exactly does bio-based mean and how can these products be identified? Does it make sense to have your newly developed products certified?

Joey Bosmans

A growing market and stronger public awareness are accelerating the adoption of bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable products. But how can you identify and evaluate these products? And what is their current position in the circular economy? The Sirris and Centexbel webinar on 31 March will bring you up to date on this within the hour!

Gunthram Cornelis

“A time of crisis is the perfect moment to take a good look at your business, products and processes,” says Bart Maeyens, General Manager at Modular Lighting Instruments in Roeselare. He is enthusiastic about his experiences with the Crisis Code Cracker. Sirris uses the 3-step action plan to help businesses in the technology sector to emerge from the crisis even stronger. “It was a very positive experience that saved us a lot of time and brought us new ideas. I would recommend it to any company.”

Joey Bosmans
Pieter Samyn

The development of sustainable alternatives to wallpaper and wall finishes includes both the use of bio-based materials and the implementation of an end-of-life recycling strategy.

Fabienne Windels

DSM - in partnership with other large companies - has developed Dyneema, a bio-based fibre (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene).

Thomas Vandenhaute

Making money with a product that hardly ever breaks is a real challenge and requires a different perspective: don't sell your product, sell the use of your product or its functionality. Does this sound a little abstract? We will make it concrete by giving an example of an SME that manages to offer its product - an entrance mat - as a service to the customer.

Patrick Cosemans

A new coating based on rapeseed oil can provide temporary protection against corrosion in extreme sea conditions or high humidity.