Joey Bosmans

Coatings can be used to protect materials against the effects of rust, mould or dirt. This is why the Nanex Company, a manufacturer of protective products, is collaborating with the Sirris Smart Coating Lab in using nanotechnology to develop and improve existing product formulations.

Thomas Vandenhaute

A lot has been said and written about the circular economy although in practice it still tends to be neglected. As a technology company, what could it do for you? Sirris and Agoria have taken up the challenge to demonstrate to you the practicalities involved, as well as offering support for the initial steps.

Hilde Krikor
Patrick Cosemans

On 10 and 11 May the Eurofinish trade fair will once again be the best place to find out more about the latest products, processes and coatings. Visitors will be shown the latest innovations and be able to find answers to all their questions. Sirris will also have a stand where, among other things, you can watch the teach-by-demonstration robot going through its paces.

Thomas Vandenhaute
circulaire economie

A ‘factory of the future’ is circular. Whatever the motives are - reducing material costs, anticipating new laws, responding to changing customer demands, reducing the ecological footprint - in the long term companies will definitely move towards more circular business models. The learning network Circular Economy Connect is here to help you out.