Denis Vandormael

A consortium of Walloon universities and research centres has the ambition to develop and offer companies a platform of innovative competences by combining micro-electronics and data management. You can help by filling in the survey (in French)!

Bas Rottier

At some point we may well be facing a shortage of life-support systems in hospitals due to the corona epidemic. Two prospective physicians are currently developing an alternative life-support system which can be produced on a large scale in a very short period of time. They make an urgent appeal to all manufacturing companies active in metalworking, injection moulding or the production and assembly of electronic printed circuit boards.

Olivier Gramaccia

With the doors of the world's largest consumer electronics show closing in Las Vegas, it's worth reviewing and analysing the major trends of what the industry has in store for us in the coming months.

Tania Drissen

The INPROVOL project concerning the reliability of electronics concluded recently. You can now familiarise yourself with the software tools, guidelines and methodology that arose within the scope of the project thanks to a dissemination initiative issued by the project partners.

Bart Teerlinck

To provide an answer to the need for more insight in the reliability of electronics and how to create and produce reliable smart products in a world that does not provide the time to gain experience, cEDM is again organising the seminar 'Printed Board Assembly Reliability' on 12 March. Host company is Barco.

Nicolás González-Deleito

Most technology branded as wearable that hits the market today is still in the form of dedicated electronic devices that users need to consciously wear. Well after the wave of enthusiasm following the launch of the first fitness trackers, smartwatches and smart glasses, new wearables are rarely unobtrusive and comfortable enough for being worn for prolonged periods of time. The CareWare project aimed at using electronic textiles to make a step towards fully unobtrusive wearable solutions suited for health and sports applications.

Pieter Beyl

There is no longer any doubt about the rise of internet-of-things applications and smart connected products. But how can companies use this evolution to create value? Sirris and Agoria set up an initiative to help out. A first interactive event will take place on 16 November.