Get inspired during a roadshow about precision production

Under the name "High Precision Manufacturing for new and better products" Sirris and Agoria are organising a roadshow to inform companies about the results of the 'Precision Manufacturing’ project. It is a fascinating journey amongst a number of inspiring industrial companies that have mastered the technologies of precision production to perfection.

Precision production is increasingly important in manufacturing. A great many innovations are, of course, driven by the ambition to continually improve either product characteristics such as dimensional accuracy, surface quality and functional behaviours or aspects such as the feasibility of manufacturing in small or medium-sized series. 

To introduce more companies to the precision production of high quality products, Sirris and Agoria have organised a series of seminars on four major themes in this area: high quality surface finish, innovative ultra-hard materials, near-net-shape-processing and rapid prototyping. 

Each session consists of a thematic presentation, with testimonies and industrial case studies, and offers an overview of the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing about the products of tomorrow. Each theme is also linked to a company visit. Each session is concluded with an opportunity for networking. 

The roadshow will start on 22 April. You can find more information about the planning and the themes here. Be quick, because the number of available places is limited.