iMinds course on System Architecture for the Internet of Things (IoT)

iMinds and partners are organizing a course on the design and development of  IoT systems. This course will have a unique blended learning approach, combining online interactive videos, access to case studies, weekly exercises and individual coaching with industry experts, all of which is optional and available for you to access at any time. 

This brand-new course will help you as an IT professional to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, tools and techniques in the field of IoT. The 'blended learning' approach combines several online resources for you to access at any time. 

The aim of the course is to be able to : 

  • Design secure, modifiable, scalable IoT systems that are able to interoperate while meeting quality requirements.
  • Apply the best and most modern software architecture methods to design complex IoT applications and 'systems of systems'.
  • Understand the business impact of technical decisions made in terms of system architecture. 

The training is split in two main parts: “Architecting Smart IoT Solutions” and “Software Architecture for the Internet of Things”. Participants can choose to attend either one or both, in no specific order. At the end of each part an on-site coaching day is planned on which participants can get feedback on their own IoT projects. 

To be able to apply the lessons-learnt, the course participants are invited to take part in a project in which all learnings are combined, from architectural design, hardware and operating system selection to application development and user evaluation. 

The registration deadline is 15 November. The courses start on 16 November. All further details can be found on the iMinds website

IoT systems can be the basis for digital evolution in many fields of application. It is also the subject for a cooperation between Sirris and iMinds within the framework of the projects Smart innovator and Mechatronics 4.0