Peter Verhasselt

In order to encourage innovation within young technological companies, the State Secretary for Scientific Research of the Brussels Capital Region is launching the eighth edition of the ‘Rise – Innovative Starters’ programme.

Paul Lamsens

Innovation may be about many aspects. But where do you start and why? In this fourth and final blog about successful innovation we give some inspirational examples using the 'customer centred’ trend. On March 29th, Sirris is organising an Inspiration session in this context, for which you can still register. Do this quickly because the number of registrations is limited.

Paul Lamsens

Looking for new ideas to earn money? Innovation can be found in a whole range of aspects. But where is the best place to start, and why? Drawing up a coherent innovation plan to match your company’s strategy is not that easy. We can help you here with the structured approach we have already developed.

Kathleen Smolders

The ‘Innovatieve Coatings’ cluster is organising an annual event on 1 February to mark its first anniversary. In addition to an overview of what has been happening and what we can expect, various member testimonials will be discussed, plus a keynote speech by Piet Verhoeve (Hangar K).

Hilde Krikor

Vaude, German manufacturer of strong outdoor shoes, redesigned the entire 2018 summer collection and hereby reduces the footprint of its products. In part, this is due to the use of (more) sustainable materials and innovative technologies, such as a seamless upper.

Tom Klaasen

Early November the third support group of ten scale-ups started a assessment process for innovative digital companies with a proven business model, which are on the eve of a growth acceleration.

Thomas Vandenhaute

Our society is no longer in touch with building materials. Materials are unknown to many people, as is the process of making objects. According to Mark Miodownik, speaker at the Circular Economy Day, the first step towards circular economy lies in (re)acquiring this knowledge and skill.

Pieter Beyl

On November 21st, Flanders Make is organising its second symposium. During the event, the trends that determine the future of manufacturing industry will be examined in more detail. The researchers will illustrate the results of their investigation and show specific cases.

Fabienne Windels

Sirris is active in the development of new products for companies and startups.

Thomas Vandenhaute

The circular economy brings new innovation chances for entrepreneurs in different fields.